May 31, 2008

A Place That I'll Miss.

"Eda..Coming with you to Landmark is like accompanying a lady to a Saree shop" .. I don't deny that .. And because of this, I dont drag people to this place :-)

As I'm packing up my stuff to leave b'lore, I calculated an approximate sum of money that I had spent @ Landmark over the last two years..That would definitely come to about Rs.22,000+ i think ...People ask me why don't I go and buy second hand books that would come damn cheap ...Well, All I can say is, certain questions does not have logical answers.. the atmosphere @ Landmark is a factor..the awesome collection that they have is another.... maybe that 'freshness' in a book would be another...
But rather than all that I'd say, its not possible to rationally or logically substantiate all your actions in life.. Certain things you do because you just want to do those...And you shouldnt restrict yourself from doing those because, you might regret later in life..

( For the Unititiated, LandMark is an amazing books + vcd/dvd + electronic items + .... quite a few items ... showroom in Forum, B'lore )

May 22, 2008

System, Change , Efforts

I went there with a desire to set winds for a change in a system..A system in which I'm going to have very minimal or practically nil stake..Five minutes into the process, I realize that I'm banging my head against a brick wall...When the underlying realities are harsh, words cannot be music to ears... Essentially at some point, I felt its not going to be of much use... The atmosphere is no longer cordial.. I lost interest.. Left the effort..Played on through the process..And it got over.

When I think about it, I still ask myself... In such situations, should one persist and argue over things ? The downside of this being that the cordiality would be more broken than you can amend..And it goes against my 'God-father' principles .. What matters in life the most is your contacts & friends...And you shouldn't antagonize anyone for needless things... But then, it wasnt a needless thing..Its something that I really wanted to see happening, though I wouldn't gain much from it.... Either way, I think I need to improve in communicating certain things.

Ah..Enough philosophy..People are saying I'm a bit too philosophical nowadays. :-)

May 6, 2008

Another Twist In Life

A few posts through last few years in my life

Jan - 2 , 2006 :- IIMB PGP interview call
April - 11 , 2006 :- IIMB puts me in Waitlist - 47
May- 9 , 2006 :- Kicked out of Waiting list
Nov-20, 2006 :- Better CAT papers..TIME,IMS predicts six calls based on a screwed verbal key
Jan - 8 ,2007 :- Kicks from all IIMs.. One of the most disappointing days in my life
April - 13, 2007 :- PGSEM interview
April - 30, 2007 :- Taking PGSEM but disappointment over PGP still persists
Jan -10 , 2008 : CAT - 2007 results ( L,K calls )
-- People Dont believe that I got this without any major preps..
But thats the truth .
April 11- 30 , 2008 : OBC quota issues, results delayed .
May - 1 : 2008

Congratulations Mr. AJITH PRASAD B !. You have been selected for admission to the Post Graduate Programme 2008-10 of IIM Kozhikode. Offer letter is being sent by speed post to your address.

The validity of the offer is subject to your Offer Acceptance Form (duly completed) with an amount of Rs. 65,000/- (Rupees Sixty five thousand only) towards advance for 1st Term fee and the course completion certificate (if you are yet to graduate) reaching the Admissions Office on or before May 19, 2008.


A tail piece:- I know I wont be able justify many things that I did over this entire chase..But nevertheless, many actions in life cannot be explained fully... And I'm taking it. Its going to be IIMK for the next two years :-)