May 6, 2008

Another Twist In Life

A few posts through last few years in my life

Jan - 2 , 2006 :- IIMB PGP interview call
April - 11 , 2006 :- IIMB puts me in Waitlist - 47
May- 9 , 2006 :- Kicked out of Waiting list
Nov-20, 2006 :- Better CAT papers..TIME,IMS predicts six calls based on a screwed verbal key
Jan - 8 ,2007 :- Kicks from all IIMs.. One of the most disappointing days in my life
April - 13, 2007 :- PGSEM interview
April - 30, 2007 :- Taking PGSEM but disappointment over PGP still persists
Jan -10 , 2008 : CAT - 2007 results ( L,K calls )
-- People Dont believe that I got this without any major preps..
But thats the truth .
April 11- 30 , 2008 : OBC quota issues, results delayed .
May - 1 : 2008

Congratulations Mr. AJITH PRASAD B !. You have been selected for admission to the Post Graduate Programme 2008-10 of IIM Kozhikode. Offer letter is being sent by speed post to your address.

The validity of the offer is subject to your Offer Acceptance Form (duly completed) with an amount of Rs. 65,000/- (Rupees Sixty five thousand only) towards advance for 1st Term fee and the course completion certificate (if you are yet to graduate) reaching the Admissions Office on or before May 19, 2008.


A tail piece:- I know I wont be able justify many things that I did over this entire chase..But nevertheless, many actions in life cannot be explained fully... And I'm taking it. Its going to be IIMK for the next two years :-)



Anonymous said...

Hearty Congratulations !!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Ajith. I really admire your perseverance. Have a blast at IIMK :)

Should be feeling damn good to go back to school !

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Congrats Machu!
Best wishes.

Rahul said...

Congratulations Ajith! Best wishes for your MBA...

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Congratulations Ajith

Dheep Joy said...

Dear Ajith, Way to go man. I appreciate your perseverance and resilience. I am sure you would have learned a lot from each of those apparent setbacks, and would have grown in maturity as well as wisdom, making you better equipped to succeed professionally as well as personally.
All the best,

Flyaway Mind said...

well, well..what to say..All is well that ends well..happy for you.. CONGRATULATIONS AJITH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, back to old thattakam again :)

Unknown said...

WOW Man... Im so proud of u... :-))

mathew said...

big congrats dude..thats some real effort in there.

Quest said...

First BTech and now MBA from the same city :)

Anonymous said...

Am so envious. Wow, what a great opportunity to go back to your roots.

Have a blast at IIMK. One for me too.


Sujith said...

along with others, congratulating u on ur feat! :-)

from ur prev. post; we both attempted our first CAT the same year, in 2003, the one that was washed off by the scam, though i was fortunate in the Feb retake..

its been 5 years since that hpnd.. and all i can say is, woww!!! with a lot of admiration for ur resilience..

welcome to the club! :-)
and believe me, at an IIM, the journey itself is the destiny.. :-)

Anuradha Sridharan said...

Congrats Ajith! IIMK gains while PGSEM loses....:-) Have a good time!

Anonymous said...

so what abt the email id? will u still b able to retain ur iimb email id?? ... mone.. this guy is going to be flaunting 2 iim email ids !

Paro said...

wow!!! congrats :) So u did it finally :) So its back to hometown :)

Serendipity said...

Congrats :) You really deserve it for the perseverence :)

I guess every decision taken at the different points in life are ultimately gonna be for the good :)

All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude. Way to go!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Now you can add your blog to the K blogpane :)

Jina said...

congrats..u taught me the biggest lesson..persistence pays..i was disappointed about some of my admissions stuff personally..:)

btw so will u b getting double masters?..pgsem n pgp both? must b a record fr all u knw

Jina said...

congrats..u taught me the biggest lesson..persistence pays..i was disappointed about some of my admissions stuff personally..:)

btw so will u b getting double masters?..pgsem n pgp both? must b a record fr all u knw

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@cuckoo , nikhil,rahul,NC,flyaway mind,manu,shyni,mathew,viajero,deepak -- Thanks a lot :)

@vinay,dheep,jithu,serendipity -- I really doubt if i have that much of perseverance..Gave the test just like that..Didnt really have any big prep efforts save for a couple of practice tests .. So, I'd say it can be more aptly termed as luck,which eluded me last few years, helping me this time.

@manu , paro -- yep..back to the good old hometown :)

@jina -- Nopes..No double degree.I'm dropping pgsem after one third of it :)
@sanjiv -- they will disable it soon :)

@serendipity --Well, whether it is going be good or bad..I dont know..but definitely I need a break from this corporate life :)

@anu -- Hehe..PGSEM wont lose much :) I'm not at all in the top ranks..So, not much of a problem for pgsem

@GWBE -- yep senior :) ..Will be adding it soon :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Ajith,
All the best. It was nice to have you in our class at PGSEM. :)

Wetfingers said...

Congo man..back to old place.Well, good for you.lot of bloggers in campus, just as i leave. You can head some blogger camps. heh!

Kryptonite said...

hey ajith! so u finally made it.. !!back to ur hometown again :)
so u can more visit NITC more frequently now. btw when's ur course starting?

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Archit ,wetfingers --Thx guys

@anna - yep..back to hometown...
got to visit NITC soon :) . classes to start from june - 16

Unknown said...

Congoz mate ...

Will meet u at K ...

Will have a lot of fun :)