Apr 30, 2007

An IIM convert and aftermath

IIMB professors liked me for this performance and gave me a PGSEM admit.. Now after that, over the last few days I've been subject to lot of brainwashing over this.. Lot of my well-wishers including friends and many family members want me to giv a shot at PGP again .. For the uninitiated, PGP is the flagship program of IIMs , which is a full time course and its members of this course who rake in multimillion offers at the end of the course , whereas PGSEM or Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management is a new program with classes only on friday mornings and saturdays ... Although the course syllabus is broadly the same, PGSEM doesnt have official placements... It is a program meant for working executives.. To do it , you got to have the support of the company where u r working.. And it does not make sense to offer placements under this arrangement.. If u say " Allow me to attend the course along with work , IIM will get me placed " , no company will allow you to do that course... All this effectively means if I attend PGSEM , I'll have to find my own way either inside or outside oracle after this..

All said and done..But I'm still joining PGSEM ... The reasons,

* CAT is a lottery.. My CAT story till date is here

* CAT performance can depend largely on the DAY

* I'm someone who believes much in highest brands....Thats why I didnt giv a try for MDI/NITIE or anything like that last yr / this year .. In other words, the kind of satisfaction I would have had if I did my MBA from second level institutes would be much lower than what I'd have after this PGSEM even if it is part-time..I might be wrong here, but then, I would go with my gut-feeling :)

* I'm not keen on i-banking /finance/ marketing..For me, systems level jobs in ERP or web or related sectors would be a better fit ...

* I'm someone who is a bit keen on entrepreneurial stuff.. ( You'll hopefully see one roll out soon :) .. ) ..For such a mindset, I feel a little bit relaxed course is OK.. :)

* If I repeat CAT and get into I / K / L after 4yrs workexp , it might not be as beneficial in the long run..( I could be wrong here too )

* I feel I've missed out on lots of life by running behind CAT over the last 2-3 years.. Enough of that..

* Except A,C all other IIMs giv out calls based on lot of criteria other than CAT-score.. I know a guy who got B,L calls with overall percentile, sectional percentiles, 10th , 12th , workexp less than me...except for the B-tech score.. Specifically, IIMB has given lot of weightage to B-tech score( mine is just 74 % ) ..So, unless I score something like 99.9 and all , IIMB PGP is out of my bounds... So, even if I write again,it'll be like fighting for the 400 odd seats at IIMA and IIMC combined..

* By the time I finish this course ,I'll be having 5+ yrs exp in oracle + an IIMB degree .. Dont you think thats an attractive prospect for better options ?

*Last but not the least,I'll be having salary here during the course :) ..

So , all people who are demanding treats for this, please please realize that I won't be among the select few who will be the toast of the newspapers 2 yrs later with exorbitant pay packets from i-banks and consults :)

If you want treats, I can give you leads on where to go and demand.. :D
The below are the PGP converts whom I know.... Many many congratulations to each of them Eke out treats from them..:)

IIMA converts

1) Raghav ( 99.95 %le with 100 percentile in verbal.. ask him tips : )
2) Abid ( An infrequent blogger..But a guy to watch out for in the future..God of quizzing :) )

IIMB converts
1) Shyam,Vineet -- Do they blog ?? ( BIK converts )
2) Rajesh -- A very special congrats as he converted his lone B -call at 96.4 :)..A tremendous achievement really ..
3) Kandy -- Sits in the next cubicle :) I can convey any treat demands directly :)...BI converts..

-- Gentlemen, all the best for your future :)



Flyaway Mind said...

i dont know any of the IIMA/IIMB guys mentioned here...so i need treat from YOU and YOU only!!!! :D btw, 5+ yrs experience & IIM degree sounds kewl!!!!

csy0182 said...

Hey daa ajith... congrats buddy!

hope and love said...


raghav said...

hey congrats once more buddy !!

stick by your decisions .. its not what 'they' want .. its what YOU want that matters !!

and How could you put me up so blatantly to be skinned alive . already started feeling the weight(lessness) of my coffers now that the treats have started flowing ! (dont know which smiley to put here)
but, all said and done, I want MY treat .. i dont suffer from 'treatophobic amnesia' you know !

Anurag said...

congrats man
n as raghav put it rightly...its wat u want that is imp

Kandarp said...

The reasons,

A very good self-assessment ! I wish I could learn to do that.
You are right abt the performance largely depending on that day - I am probably the standing example :))

Gentlemen, all the best for your future :)

You too !!! Hope I can catch you sleeping at IIMB ;) !

Nikhil C said...

i think this blog will help me to set a mind abt pursuing PGSEM this time...Thx a lot for this post...But I will definitely take the lottery again...

Hitchhiker said...

Congratulations to alll of you :) Its an amazing feeling I am sure! :) All the best for the future, and you coullld (NITCians) think of a combined treat at Leela ;)
(ps : Repeating it here. I think I have wished almost each NITC'ian personally)

Shruti said...

Hey, Congratulations buddy ...
All the best for ur futue life and read ur interview post, its intresting...
TAke care...

Dimple said...

yeahhhh...see i told u that u wud get selected..party party..:)

Cuckoo said...

Congratulations !!!

And where is the party tonight ??

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@flyaway mind -- Treat..mmm.. lets see :) ..I hope this oracle + IIMB degree will work out well..

@chaos-- thank you buddy :)

@hope n love -- Thanks doc :)

@raghav --IIMA ppl can giv treat first:P

@anurag --thanks man :)

@kandy -- Lets see..Got to kick away the habit of waking up late :)

@nikhil --maybe me too :)

@hitchhiker-- Please exclude this PGSEM from that combined NITC treat sponsors :)

@shruti --thanks :)

@dimple -- Yeah :) Lemme see..Now, no probs in offering a virtual-treat to a Mumbaikar.. :)

@cuckoo -- my pockets are getting empty :(

Anuj lakhotia said...


Unknown said...

I am a bit late but still .. Congoz ...

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!