Apr 24, 2008

Irritated :(

They say two weeks :( ... And chances of further slippings.. Things getting tight by every passing day... Hmmmm.... I wish I could give some satire links..but, then it would become a different ball game .

(PS:- Sorry..No explanations can be offered :( )



Anonymous said...

I was in a similar state a week ago. I dont know if this'll help but I once heard the following in a movie and felt better later on:

"This too, shall pass."

Good luck!

Mainak Chakraborty said...

3 days back i saw the wait getting over in a dream...i distinctly remember having asked myself twice if its true and not a dream..somehow the pinch trick didn't work..now when it actually comes out i might've to jump off a building or s'thing of that sorts to convince myself that this mind-f*** is actually over!

Kandarp said...

I felt exactly the same a year ago.
To the extent that I was refreshing 'the' discussion forum every 10 sec.

All I can say right now is,
' Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai'
- sorry, cliche'.

Anurag said...

ha ha...wait wait...patience patience...the supreme court isnt reading this post....so wait wait