Nov 24, 2006

Movie Review - Casino Royale

Rating -- Just above average

Daniel Craig -- Not as suave as Brosnan..But certainly good..

Plot -- Good, but by the end it goes into a typical Bollywood style ..

Style quotient -- Not upto the mark..

Dialogues -- Classic.. Perhaps the best since Moore and Sean Connery..

Bond Gal -- mmm, should have been more exciting..But neverthless, was OK..

Direction -- Could have been better.. No match for the action sequences in "Tomorrow
Never" dies or "Golden Eye".

New urge -- I want to learn playing Bridge... With that, may be I would have been able to
enjoy those better..

Locations -- Good .. The Montenegran splendour is a perfect backdrop to gambling .

Overall view --
Perhaps the first Bond movie in which Bond puts his papers and get emotionally attached to a girl. But neverthless it was better in one more aspect that it didnt display any technological insanities ( remember invisible car -- Die another Day ) .. I was really impressed in the first half, if not by the Bond, but atleast by the storyline and the dialogues... But in the second half, the storyline takes an unhealthy turn which is perhaps a bit unfitting in a supposed to be spythriller... But it was certainly watchable...


Nov 20, 2006

-- An update --

I think I've done well...The keys speak so .. [:)] Now fingers,hands,legs crossed till Jan-2nd .


Nov 3, 2006

First week @ b'lore..


Kingfisher Airlines is haawt!!!!!

2. Understanding the traffic routes at b'lore is a pain..

3. And, be prepared to ride for one hour for a distance of less than 10 KM..


Venue :- ShivajiNagar Bus stand ..

A kid of about 13 yrs of age with good uniforms,bags etc comes to me and asks "Sir, I lost my money to go to school..Can u giv a 10/- for bus-ticket.." I was about to give when another young man alertedme.."Brother, this is his daily job..Every day he comes here and says the same thing to strangers..I once fell prey to guy and gave him 10..Dont give.." ..We both cross questioned him..and he acknowledged thats his daily trick..And then ran away..
The very next day at the same place I saw this boy asking the same to another person at a distance.Before I could intervene , he collected the money and ran away from there...

2. I'm into a team that deals with something that can be described in layman's language
as a software implementation of banking business....Basically, a software to play around with
money..Highly analytic..Long ago believed that this kind of an industry is basically worthless
as what they do is just make more money with their money without doing anything
productively , though indirectly it is highly productive...And now I'm into this.. But the way
they have done the coding has attracted me..And, at this point of time, it seems to be good.

3 . "I'm habituated to change" -- One of my friends told me some time back..Whatever be the
case, its a bit tough to manage with a shift compared to the comfortable life I had there..
And I'm going through the vagaries of having to find a house ( I took one at Madiwala ) ,
shifting things, and lot of other stuff...

+ See u all after Nov-19 ..I'm on a two week vacation and going to Calicut ++