Jan 31, 2009

How To Be Idle :-)

       Thats the title of a book :-) ..And I came across that in the most unlikeliest of all places.. A B-school  .... An exceptionally cryptic Corporate Finance class going on.. I kind of lost my way half way through..The fact that I didnt prepare the case/chapters didnt help much :-) .. And my neighbour was reading this wonderful book :-)
         I read this book a little bit later.. An amazingly attractive start.. It describes alarm clock as the worst invention that mankind could make..  How evil minded the genius would be who fused the time keeping device with a noise making device to disturb humanity forever :-) .. 
        It just helps you to realize the value of being idle atleast sometimes :-) ..It'll make you realize that even in the midst of cut-throat competition , there are people living life at their own pace.. Havnt read this past the first few pages..
       I'm on a path towards professionalism.. Being in S'con ( Yea..got re-elected into Students' Council :-)  ) , I've to work a lot optimizing my time...    Yet..I thought a lot about random stuff today...things with no purpose... I spent a lot of time just like that ... Those few hours of idleness was bliss :-) ... It made me realize that its occassionally good to take a break and be idle... 
      3:32 AM ... Got to sleep now.  And again tomorrow morning the worst invention by mankind would pull me out of sleep.. into the world of activity....