Jan 27, 2017

Why Trump should build his Mexican Wall ?

In the by-lanes of Prague, next to Charles Bridge is this wonderful relic of cold war - John Lennon wall .   Originally the paintings started appearing following the assassination of John Lennon, known for his liberal views & love for humanity. Gradually, this morphed into a rallying point for opposing the oppressive communist regime. Painted in white by authorities many times, the caricatures on this wall, which includes Beatles lyrics & many other humanity oriented phrases is now like a magnet that pulls travelers in Prague.

John Lennon Wall - Prague
I wish Trump begins constructing this wall. Few years later, caricatures will begin to appear on that, at-least on Mexican side. It'll become a rallying point for tourists to flock into Texas & Chihuahua,
popping up the local economies of those states.

(PS - The wall is estimated to cost anywhere between $15 billion to $25 billion, with the bulk of it going to the man-power required to build this.  And Trump should find abundant number of workers for that on both sides of wall.  I suggest Mexican Government to support this exercise wholeheartedly for its economic & tourism potential. It is quite likely to be the project with highest IRR in the history of Mexico )