Dec 2, 2009

The Economics Of MatchMaking - Part 1

After losing hope of myself simplifying their job, my parents have taken up charge & put me into the 'market' ...Or in other words, I've debuted on Bharat Matrimony :) ... Purpose of the post is not to discuss about the happenings over there... it is to discuss the economics principles behind this..

(Anyone who is not interested in Economics, please feel free to skip the content below)

In term-4, we studied one of the best courses that I've come across at IIMK - Complementary Products & Competitive Advantage.. In that, there is this concept of 2-sided platforms..Intuitively it is very simple -- 2 sided platforms brings together 2 distinct sets of customers together.. Credit card companies bring together merchants & consumers... Iphone App Store brings together the App developers & phone owners together...etc.. In most of the cases, the platform tend to benefit from one set of customers..Like, Credit card companies tend to benefit mainly from merchants ( they usually give lot of discounts to consumers ) .. However in that aspect, this matrimony portal business is kind of unique.. They tend to benefit from both the sets ( men & women ).. Their income is from the paid membership ( though I'm still not very convinced about its benefits ) ..And there is no price discrimination thats really employed over here.
Is that the correct business model or will these portals benefit if they employ a slightly tweaked pricing model ? The success of a 2-sided platform depends on the volume of customers...Its like a vicious cycle..More the number of consumers having ICICI credit cards, more merchants will buy their card machines & more the benefit to the bank .. Applying an analogous concept, what actually drives the success of these portals ? Are men attracted by the number of prospective women signed up in this ? Or is it vice versa ? Its like a chicken & egg problem..
Either way, one specific drawback to this business model -- It can easily be dis-intermediated ...i.e, one can easily sign up in this, find a prospective partner, get their contact & get married without paying even one rupee to this portal... Its in a way like Software companies turning a blind eye to piracy..Most university campuses are havens of pirated software..And still software companies don't bother about that much ..The reason - The grads from these institutes occupy the corporate decision making positions tomorrow & they will be so used to these software packages that they will end up buying them for their company use.. ( Companies are very strict on their anti-piracy efforts on the corporate front ) .

My main question is this - What is the best pricing model for this marriage portal business ? A total paid membership will restrict people from trying it out..Even a semi-open type pricing has a strong risk of dis-intermediation..
And what will happen if we set the pricing/fee of service at different levels for men & women ? Will that be better ?

Oct 28, 2009

Book Review : 2 States - The Story Of My Marriage

I guess this is the first book that I read at a single stretch after a long time..Infact first book that I read completely after joining IIM :) .. Picked up Chetan Bhagat's 2 States from a book exhibition... I had lots and lots of assignments , work, studies pending.. But none of those concerns stopped me once I started reading :)

The story is quite fast paced initially.. IIM life..That struck a chord initially itself.. Cribbing about mess food..the cryptic economics classes...the gossips that start to go on when a girl & guy starts going around..late night assignments.. Before you adjust yourself to the fast paced story style, the couple has kissed , had sex & has started a live-in relationship ...

From here on, the story takes a melodramatic Hindi movie style.. They graduate, guy gets a job in Chennai along with her.. Guy tries various tricks to impress the girl's family, IIT Coaching for girl's muggu brother, conflict of South Indian & North Indian cultures, Office politics & much more..

I'm not killing the suspense by narrating the entire story course...I rate this book somewhere in between 5 point someone & One night @CC .. Infact the fast paced first part is almost at par with 5.someone.. Second half is also good, though in a different style..

I really liked some of the the smart dialogs that he has given..

"I've never spoken to an IIT'ian before "
"You are not missing much :) "

"If there is nothing as attractive as a pretty girl, there's nothing as repulsive as a cocky chick"

"Every girl wants an IIT brother, big help in quant subjects" :)

"You're not talking to her"
"You seem quite concerned :)"

" are better looking" .. The girl who asks the question is the better looking one :)

.... And much more
... ....

Oct 9, 2009

Keywords, Psychology, Computer Science

I just went through the google analytics report of my blog indicating the keyword searches that lead people to my blog...Some of the interesting ones given below..

1. Satanic worship in Kerala , Devil worship in Kerala ( 6 ppl searched for this ... :) )
2. NRI going back to India ( Was that a matrimony related search :P )
3. Whats happening In the economy ( Ah..atleast google considers my writings on these worthy enough )
4. Aim of my life ( People do tend to ask this question.. But finding out answer to this question from web looks to be a bit weird :) )
5. Keralamatrimonynair ( ahem!!!...Google is intelligent :) )
6. Ponds facepowder product presentation ( Ah...this should be some MBA student )
7. Spending money in MBA is good or not ( I wish it is good :) )

If I go through some of these keyword targeted posts, I might be able to find some word-based relation between the keywords & what i've written .. For eg..The satan / devil related searches were actually landing on
Now, there is some literal matching between the keywords in searches to whats there in that post...But semantically those are very different.. What the person who typed those keywords wanted & whats there in that post is totally different from a semantics perspective... And thats where the technological challenge still lies ahead for Google.. Search as a computer science problem is only solved to the extent of 5%.. There is still a long way to go before Google/ Bing bridges the gap between what consumers intend & where the search results lead to..

Another aspect here is the ability of Google to know whats the pulse of the masses.. Having a big DB of such keywords is like knowing what the world thinks..And that in turn throws up amazing marketing opportunities..
( PS:- If you are more interested in this field , I'd recommend a book named "The Search" )

Sep 28, 2009

Time Value Of Friendships

There are certain friendships/associations that stays throughout your life even if you don't put much effort into that.. Certain people gel naturally with you.. On the contrary, there are some friendships, no matter whatever effort you put will fade in due course of time..Its not that these people don't like you or you have any aversion towards them.. Its just that time brings about different priorities , different aspects etc..

The other day, i just thought about many of my friends who have graced my life during different times.. There are a few among them with whom maintaining consistent interaction comes naturally to me..and to them too...And there are a few among them with whom even if I put in lot of effort, the gelling does not come .. It certainly isn't intentional.. For, if i get in touch with them somehow, the phone call / talk is often quite good & interactive...But somehow, both of us does not feel any urge of maintaining that continuity..

So, what exactly makes a certain friendship to continue ? Its puzzling..Isn't it ?

Sep 24, 2009

The Sinusoid Curve Repeats

When I blogged about this, I thought this is a one-of-a-kind incident... It happened again soon..Apparently the curves were steeper & unexpected this time....Sigh!!! .. Why again.

Current Mood: Disturbed :|

Sep 22, 2009

Rewards, Returns & Efforts

One typical characteristic that I've found in many people is that they attach too much importance to the end result / return that their efforts might bring in..In Corp Fin terms, these people would do a certain action only if they are sure that the NPV of this action is > 0 ... The problem with this category of people is that if by any chance , the results don't materialize, they become very desparate... " Yaar.. we did so much..and we did not get anything in the end" ..

There are lot of advantages to this philosophy..These people tend to focus so much on ultimate results so that more often than not, they are likely to get it.. In the process, some do adopt not-so-fair means....But thats a different ethical question..

I was like this for quite long...Even now, I'm not totally immune to this way of thinking... And disappointments or failures really made me desparate & sad.. For the last couple of years, I've been following a diff approach... I don't attach too much importance to results...But I make sure that the efforts are put in a professional manner... i.e, once i've decided that I do something, I'll do it professionally... to the best of my abilities...

The end result of anything is a function of your efforts and a random variable..If the random variable takes away the results in an opposite direction, you certainly don't deserve to be sad.. Or in other words, I subscribe to a school of thought... It is not the 'end result' that matters the most..Its the path that matters the most... You do your job to the best of your abilities...Results, don't bother too much about that..

Aug 3, 2009

The Notion Of Success

Quite a few people, especially my relatives regard me as a highly successful person...Maybe because of these NIT , IIM tags, may be because of a relatively well - off academic credentials etc.. Somehow I get irritated when people talk to me with such a kind of perspective..

Let me confess - I'm someone who has missed achieving 90 % of what I aimed at in terms of academics.. Even when my parents talk to my brothers preaching them to aim at my academic credentials, I'm least impressed... Because for me, the notion of success is something higher.. I'm happy at what I'm... But I don't think anyone should aim at my career / acad levels and try to match those .. Because I see higher pedestals of what we can call as success .

At every point in life, I had this habit of trying to match myself to people whom i thought were the 'role models of success' ... I could not emulate most of them..But as a strange turnaround, I often saw that, those people whom I benchmarked as successful in one stage , didnt do very well in the subsequent stage of life...Like there were people - seeing whose performace in the IIT entrance exams and all I thought 'these were highest manifestations of success and its them that I should try to emulate' .. I had this habit of tracking the life of people like these either from the net or through some acquaintances... And I happened to learn that many of them didnt perform pretty well in their engineering college life...maybe they were in a wrong place , maybe circumstances were different ..etc... But whatever be it, success in one stage is neither a pre-requisite , nor a guarantee that you will be successful in the subsequent stage..

Same case repeated during engineering life ..Some of the people whom I thought could be marked as role models, cutout a sorry figure for themselves in professional life... In the sense , the DNA of success was something different for each stage.. Same with CAT & IIMs...Some of the guys who used to ace mock tests & CAT , I hear , have fared badly in IIMs ( not just academically... but in many aspects ) .. And if we include the realm of personal life , the picture again gets murkier...Many of these academic stars have had pretty bad personal lives...Many ppl who have happy personal life are nowhere near academic success..
I know I might sound a bit crazy, but still can't help... 'Is there an absolute measure for success ?? ' .

Jun 30, 2009

Lohithadas ... Down the memory lane

( Mallu specific post.. others excuse  please :)  )

          There are some four / five  malayalam movies that I recommend to many non-mallus.. And 'Thaniyavarthanam'  is one among them... And that script is perhaps the best work of Lohithadas , who passed away couple of days ago.. The societal pressures forcing a normal man to lunacy is a masterclass...   The combination of Sibi Malayil & Lohithadas has given some of the best movies to us.. Another notable one among that being 'Kireedom', the national award winning movie.

          I would perhaps place him at the same pedestal as the late Padmarajan..  However, both styles were essentially contrasting though..  
As many news articles say, "Lohithadas ini oru orma"  

Jun 5, 2009

Mixed Emotions

     There haven't been such a day in the recent past when on instance, I felt so good...and on another instance, I felt so disturbed... To be true, if I've to describe today - 5th June '09  - in terms of emotions I felt , it would be aptly mapped by a sinusoidal curve with 3 crests & 2 troughs..  However on all situations, I knew it was coming ... though I didnt knew whether the crest or trough was coming...but that knowledge helped me to deliver a balanced response.
     There are some situations in life when you have to speak up...And I'm happy that I did that today...  I do believe that a core value  education has instilled in me is to make sure that I don't take things meekly... that I dont silently submit myself to the so called system .... that I do try and fight.. that I do make a conscious attempt to make things better... And I'm proud that I attempted for that today....In the process, it did hurt someone...But I feel it'll do a lot good for him & the system in the long run.        


May 17, 2009

Conventions & Logic

  He:   Hey..Why are we doing it this way ?
  She:   Its supposed to be done like that 

  He:   Why? It doesnt seem to serve any purpose .
  She:  This is how it was done till now & we need to maintain that way.

  He: But there are better ways of doing this..Why spend such an awful time for doing this in an archiac way ?
  She:  That deviates from the convention.. 

  He:Its like a dogma..U spend so much of your time to preserve a convention which doesnt seem to serve any purpose. 
  She: It was done like this till now & it'll be done in the same way going forward no matter what effort it takes..We got to do it.

  He: Sigh!!.. Is there any single word for 'useless convention' :)  

         -  There's this wonderful movie - 300 - in which they picturize how statements from Oracles are made..And the futility of obeying to a convention/norm/dogma is shown in a touching way... We get exposed to different systems in our life...None of them are perfect..Rather, those systems are the need of a particular time frame..When times , technology & people change , systems got to change.. We may very well comeback to the old system at a later point in time..But that doesnt mean that we should be averse to experiments / change...People who think differently from conventions tend to come up with something better..Change should be in everything we should be in technology, processeses, people...everything..

            Always respect two kinds of people the most - People who make a system & people who break a system...

Apr 18, 2009

Recession , Economy & MBA’s

 ( Disclaimer - Quite long post )

     I get lot of questions on these topics nowadays..When will recession end, whether I should invest in stocks , whether rupee will move up/down etc etc….Being IIM students, quite a few expects us to be well versed & knowledgeable in all these areas..Infact these are million dollar questions which even very well renowned economists are trying to find answers for… In this post I’m trying to answer some of these with my limited economics & finance knowledge… Ofcourse, these explanations are highly debatable..But anyway, if you are interested in the subject, read on…

What is Recession ? Whats happening in the economy ?

            Mathematically/Economically , if a nation has gone through two continuous quarters of negative GDP growth, it is said to be in  Economic Recession… Leaving out all such stats & complicated explanations, what has happened in the economy is that people are extremely reluctant to spend.. Banks are reluctant to lend, consumers are tightening their wallet fearing tougher days ahead, limited investment comes to stock market, businesses are cutting down on various projects  -- All in all, the circulation of money in economy has come down to a large extent..   

Why is this happening ?

            The root cause as many know comes from the financial crisis in US..Now I’m not going into the subprime literature & explanations, but will present mainly a postscript picture. .

             Businesses operate on credit. i.e, they rely very highly on external finances. Its like, if a company has 10L in assets, it’ll typically do businesses in excess of 10L by raising money through various means – private equity, stock market , corporate bond market ( this is largely absent in India ) and lot of other sources.. In short, most companies in US & many companies in India rely heavily on external finances.  Due to the banking crisis, lot of these external finance sources have dried up… partly due to bank failures in US, partly due to reduced confidence among investors , the credit lines ( cash supply) for most companies have dried up..This effect is more prevalent in US & to a lesser extent in India. 

How can we get out of this ?

           The way to get out of this crisis is to bring back an optimistic outlook in the economy..i.e, its not that banks / people don’t have the money… It’s just that everyone has turned out to be extremely cautious in spending money, which has got economy to a screeching halt .. Hence to kickstart it again, you have to make people spend. 

How are Governments addressing this ?

          There are two ways in which Governments can address troubles in economy.. One is monetary policy  ( layman’s explanation – by altering the money supply using central bank ) and fiscal policy ( spending by Government itself which typically leads to short fall in Govt’s finances )  ..

       Monetary policy tools have been extensively used in the recent past by all central banks – Interest rate cuts, SLR / CRR adjustment etc.. What they are trying to do by these measures is that they are just trying to increase the availability of money in the system so that people start spending..  But whats happening is that, every one (in US) is still extremely cautious .. And spending hasn’t kick-started inspite of easy availability of money .. And in US, they are fast approaching a situation known as ‘liquidity trap’ – lot of money in the system, but none spends,and monetary policy is ineffective …  US has actually reached the bottom limits of monetary policy – their interest rates are almost zero , Meaning there is very limited scope of further using monetary policy tools to get out of this… In a developed economy like US, rates & money supply is ideally governed by something called as BCD nexus ( Bond – Currency – Derivatives Nexus ) … It’s a bit advanced topic..So, don’t want to discuss that here.. The fact is that the Fed measures in US have almost broken the so called BCD nexus , which is again dangerous to an open economy.

        On the other hand, Fiscal policy tools have been often criticized by economists during the post – Keynes era  a lot.. The catch in using fiscal policy to get out of recession is that the private businesses will suffer a lot…The explanation goes like this …

         Govt Increases spending -> deficit in govt finances -> fiscal policy says monetize the debt  or print money to cover the deficit  ( which has lot of other implications ) / raise money through govt guaranteed bonds - >  Raising more money through Govt guaranteed bonds means  you have to raise the interest rates of  govt bonds - > private businesses would find it tough to raise money since people would always invest in govt bonds as they are more safe and give high interest -> this would again dry up the already tight credit lines for private businesses. .Economically, this situation is called ‘crowding out of private business’

          And in a place like US where the lobbying strength of private enterprise is very high in all levels of government, significant fiscal policy measures are unlikely to come.

Whats the situation in India with respect to these measures ?

               India is still in a very better shape compared to US. The interest rates are still high ( i.e, there is still scope for monetary policy measures to come ) , no banking failures … But the problem with India is that large part of corporate credit lines used to come from private equity from abroad / Indian stock market.. And these sources have dried up. . Plus ,  an average man in India still prefers to invest in assets like Gold / land / even stash his savings in a locker .. This is actually very detrimental to the economy as the money thus locked in are in unproductive assets..i.e, there is no circulation of this money in the economy…And equity market   is still viewed with significant aversion  among Indian middle class.

So what is the alternative? Fiscal policy ?

Fiscal policy is still an alternative in India. Reason being, unlike in US, a large part of India is still very much underdeveloped… Significant infrastructure projects are still required in India.

    But more than that, I would say a vibrant corporate bond market is the solution in India.. Reason – as I said, an average Indian investor is still risk averse. He would any day put his money in a bond (which is basically an investment with assured returns) than in equity (which has a risk of losing money). A competitive corporate bond market would typically drive the stock market to higher levels of efficiency . Small & Medium enterprises in India are still at the mercy of a large number of money lenders who charge exorbitant rates of interest.  That situation has to change if we have to get out of this slowdown.  

Why the corporate bond market is not developed in India ?

 Many reasons – Any of you who would have been fleetingly reading the news would be aware of the changes that SEBI( which governs the equity market) has gone through over the last two decades to counter lot of scamsters. I would say, the implementing a corporate bond market is even tougher than that.  Because, a bond is something in which you are assured that you get a certain amount of payment regularly..Now how would a regulatory agency assure that for whomever who want to float a corporate bond ? Its not an easy task and it requires much thought & good implementation mechanisms.. Credit rating agencies , trading houses, regulatory checking…All these are not easy to implement.. But at the same time, this is not an impossible task too.

Should I invest in stock market now ?

Long term investment – Yes…Infact a definite yes..But pick the companies carefully.

Short term – Pretty difficult to get good returns unless you know the nuances of day-trading.

I’m running a company / I’m in a significant decision making post in a company.. How should I counter this slowdown ?

  1. Know your business sector really well & try to see what all changes are coming up.
  2. Invest in people.  A set of established processes / practices wont drive you out of recession. Infact if you follow such dogmatic practices, its highly likely that you would go bust. Rather, invest in people who can innovate. New products/ ideas / new ways of doing business  etc   would be the critical factor which would make you a winner.  Pick & retain people who can do that.
  3. Cost rationalization ( Not layoffs :- ) )

               Know your costs in a system really well..  Know which action is impacting which revenue item / expense item..  Just cutting down freebies  like biscuits / tea to employees is not something that’s required … Infact such blind cost cutting measures are likely to bring in a lot of resentment within the company. ..And talented people would jump the ship once the economy recovers J  

When will the economy recover ?

             The million dollar question J .. US economy – I would say, its pretty tough to predict.. I would bet that the recovery in US economy would depend on some very good innovation related product / company..  As in, say if I-phone was released this year, Apple might have kickstarted the US recovery.. So, depends .. Recovery there would be largely driven by some of the innovation based companies like Google / Apple /3M  or some of the oil & energy companies ( this would inturn depend on when the economy of China & india comes good J ) .. It is unlikely to be kick-started by some heavy machinery / automobile  (unless say GM comes with an innovation like ‘flying car’ J ) / construction / infrastructure related companies.  

                 Indian economy – I would bet on 2009 end to 2010 April/May or so …


  1.  A long inventory replenishment based explanation ( actually derived from an Interview of Chanda Kochaar, which I’m unable to find a link ) , which I’m too bored to type in here  J
  2. A lot of regulatory mechanisms are supposed to come in US & Europe over banking, insurance and lot of other sectors – this would ( hopefully ) drive lot of outsourced work here & inturn would drive up the spending in India
  3. Lot more readings & some gut-feel J

    I’m just joining engineering. Which field should I take ? 

This is actually a crazy question. The answer to this does not & should not depend on state of economy.  If you like a field, take it..If you have significant aversion towards any branch, don’t take it..But more than that, pick your college intelligently.. Brand matters :) 

Will the rupee go up / down ? 

           In the short term, rupee is expected to maintain a depreciated level as Foreign investments are less likely to flow in ( less dollar in India means more rupee to get dollar ) and the liquidity level in Indian economy is expected to remain high ( more availability of rupee means  less value for it and you need to spend more to get a dollar )..So, don’t bet  on 43 – 45 levels..It should be in and around 50 levels ( disregarding the spikes ) ..

             Long term – Not possible to predict as Indian exchange rate system is still very much controlled ( and it should be so ).

 Should I learn Finance ? Would finance continue to be relevant ?
   Inspite of all these  complicated financial mess, finance would continue to be very relevant. Hence if you are interested, learn it..But I should say, the days of fly by night stocks, IPO's , corporate managing market capitalization of many crores just on a brand name & not even one real business investment - All those are over atleast for the immediate future.

 How can I learn finance/economics? 
          There are no well defined starting points.. Read good articles in business line / financial express / business standard ( depend on the respective author’s credentials to judge whether an article is good or not.   Also, read these blogs, , , &  articles linked from there.. 

( PS:- Contradictory perspectives are highly valued..There’s nothing absolutely correct in Economics :) ) 

Mar 30, 2009

1/2 MBA

  Not quite... Two more exams tomorrow... And an eventful academic year ends.. 

  Moment of Third Term

  MR Project presentation.. This was something in which I had free rided completely except choosing the topic .. Ofcourse, can't help when there are 4 academic projects :|

  Prof : When the targeted market is population in Kunnamangalam ( the place where IIMK campus is situated ) , why did u restrict yourself to IIMK students for the survey ? 

  Presentor:- Sir, we did not have anyone in our project group knowing local language ( innocent reply )
  Reality - There were three mallus including me in the group :-) 
  MBA Vs B-Tech Life 

     I miss the carefree academic life that I had in NITC.. Reading lot of books, learning whatever subjects that I liked... Infact, the volume of acad materials is so huge in an MBA that even if you dedicate 100 % time to studies, you wont be able to finish those....Indeed, I miss learning some subjects which I would have loved to learn if I had enough time. 

      What I don't like in MBA life - The emphasis on CG & not on knowing the subject.. Not because of the fact that my CG is not great :-)... But somehow, peer pressure drives everyone into efforts just to boost the CG....Exams/quizzes means - just study the PPT's ...Even I'm a culprit to that to an extent :-) .. 

     But I enjoy the responsibilities that have come up  my way here.. I feel I'd be a better person by the time I finish the course owing to these responsibilities..MBA is indeed a tight rope-walk  balancing many things in life.. 
  ( PS:- Check -  This has become an integral part of my life here....perhaps to an equal extent as acads  :-)  ) 

              One critical factor to succeed in life is to have 'information advantage'...i.e, if you know certain things that you need to do to gain an advantage over others, whereas others might not really have that..  This was something that I really lacked during my B-Tech , as well as work-life..  But here I had some of that advantage owing to many factors..And I leveraged on that... But it is difficult to sustain that advantage.. Or in other words, I couldn't drive that information assymetry to a long term advantage for me here... ah.. a bit abstract :-) 

           Next few posts from Chennai... I'll be interning with Cognizant for next 2 months. 

Mar 17, 2009

A Typical Quiz@IIM

   Here is a section from a mail from a  subject's course co-ordinator over a quiz conducted last week.. The paper was out of 10 marks :-) 

Population Statistics

Mean : 0.37 maybe

Mode : 0 (by a long way)

Maximum : 2

Minimum :0

Range : 2

  Frequency Distribution

  Marks    Frequency

   0                65

   1                 3?

   2                 7?

    -- No prizes for guessing how much yours truly has scored in this quiz :) :) 


Mar 1, 2009

The Tale of MBA Projects

 Quotes During First term projects selection 

 "Man..We should be doing a project that will add value to us..We shouldnt settle for anything less"
 "Project should help us sometime in the future when we are working in industry " 
 "You know, these are the real learning opportunities in an MBA course " 
 "Lets brainstorm on this for 2 days..And after that lets meet @ Cross-roads at 23:59 on friday"

 Quotes During Second Term project selection 
  "Man..I dont care about value addition..But I want it as a CV point..I mean it should be something worthy enough to put in the CV"
  " See, its not about the topic..Its all about how you present it.. Remember , that bugger - XYZ - got max marks last term for a crappy project "
 Quotes During Third Term project selection
  " Minimum pain - maximum gain..that should be the motto.. "
  " Criteria one - Is the project topic 'googleable' ? "
  " Lets somehow finish it man..I'm tired :| " 

-- This is where the story stands..  Ofcourse some of the projects that I did , I really enjoyed ( Macro Economics ) ..Some, I really dont have any idea what happened in that  ( Ethics, Marketing ) ..

    There  are  only two phases for an MBA project 
    One - topic selection..This used to take about one week or so in first term..Now i did that within one hour for some subjects in this term..
    Two - 2 / 3 days before the presentation.. Thats where I'm now over one project.. and it invariably boils down to the last day..

     I wonder how it'll turn out to be in the second year.. some people say, the motto will be 
"Lets fraud the project"   .. I hope it doesnt come to that extent :)

Feb 23, 2009

Slumdog Conquers Oscars :)

           Whatever be your opinion of this much entertaining movie, today is a great day for India.. Just two Oscars till yesterday -- One life time award for that maestro, Satyajit Ray &  some costume related award for Bhanu Athaiya  in Gandhi , Slumdog gave us quite a lot today ...Rahman, Russel , Freida ...  and  as the jewel in the crown - Oscar for the best movie.. 

           What makes this movie special ? Its entertaining , fast paced, at times emotional,  often dramatic...but these attributes are found in quite a lot of movies...  To me, the speciality is that it captures the feelings and imaginations of all Indians..   Its a movie for the masses..Forget any cinematic imperfections..forget over dramatization, this is just something that quite a lot of people could relate to...could identify themselves with .. Cinema is for the audience.. And thats where Slumdog scores :)   

        As the music streams out of my itunes player, I can feel the emotions of many....And the music would stay on for some time :-)

Current Music - Ring Ring Ringa !!!

Jai Ho :)

Feb 11, 2009

Options..Differences..And a lookback :-)

       Some people are precociously talented.. Or rather, is it fluke that gets them to these superlative achievements.. Eitherway, these people make you understand one thing that I blogged about sometime back...
      "the reason behind an action by me might not be comprehensible to you..And a reason behind your action might not be comprehensible to me..Or rather, these buzzwords - rational , logical , common sensical -- all these vary from person to person to a great degree"

     You tend to realize that something for which you struggled a lot does not even figure as worthy to someone else... :-) 
        On a different note... I'm again hooked back to this wonderful idea of blogging before exams..:-) 

            Never there was a dull moment..
            Never there were games.. 
            It was nice ... It was bliss..
            For I was being myself then..
            Times have changed..Years have gone by..
            Looking back, I do regret...
            But I'm thankful to a lot..
            For, those taught me a lot..
            For, those made me what I'm today..


Jan 31, 2009

How To Be Idle :-)

       Thats the title of a book :-) ..And I came across that in the most unlikeliest of all places.. A B-school  .... An exceptionally cryptic Corporate Finance class going on.. I kind of lost my way half way through..The fact that I didnt prepare the case/chapters didnt help much :-) .. And my neighbour was reading this wonderful book :-)
         I read this book a little bit later.. An amazingly attractive start.. It describes alarm clock as the worst invention that mankind could make..  How evil minded the genius would be who fused the time keeping device with a noise making device to disturb humanity forever :-) .. 
        It just helps you to realize the value of being idle atleast sometimes :-) ..It'll make you realize that even in the midst of cut-throat competition , there are people living life at their own pace.. Havnt read this past the first few pages..
       I'm on a path towards professionalism.. Being in S'con ( re-elected into Students' Council :-)  ) , I've to work a lot optimizing my time...    Yet..I thought a lot about random stuff today...things with no purpose... I spent a lot of time just like that ... Those few hours of idleness was bliss :-) ... It made me realize that its occassionally good to take a break and be idle... 
      3:32 AM ... Got to sleep now.  And again tomorrow morning the worst invention by mankind would pull me out of sleep.. into the world of activity....