Sep 28, 2009

Time Value Of Friendships

There are certain friendships/associations that stays throughout your life even if you don't put much effort into that.. Certain people gel naturally with you.. On the contrary, there are some friendships, no matter whatever effort you put will fade in due course of time..Its not that these people don't like you or you have any aversion towards them.. Its just that time brings about different priorities , different aspects etc..

The other day, i just thought about many of my friends who have graced my life during different times.. There are a few among them with whom maintaining consistent interaction comes naturally to me..and to them too...And there are a few among them with whom even if I put in lot of effort, the gelling does not come .. It certainly isn't intentional.. For, if i get in touch with them somehow, the phone call / talk is often quite good & interactive...But somehow, both of us does not feel any urge of maintaining that continuity..

So, what exactly makes a certain friendship to continue ? Its puzzling..Isn't it ?

Sep 24, 2009

The Sinusoid Curve Repeats

When I blogged about this, I thought this is a one-of-a-kind incident... It happened again soon..Apparently the curves were steeper & unexpected this time....Sigh!!! .. Why again.

Current Mood: Disturbed :|

Sep 22, 2009

Rewards, Returns & Efforts

One typical characteristic that I've found in many people is that they attach too much importance to the end result / return that their efforts might bring in..In Corp Fin terms, these people would do a certain action only if they are sure that the NPV of this action is > 0 ... The problem with this category of people is that if by any chance , the results don't materialize, they become very desparate... " Yaar.. we did so much..and we did not get anything in the end" ..

There are lot of advantages to this philosophy..These people tend to focus so much on ultimate results so that more often than not, they are likely to get it.. In the process, some do adopt not-so-fair means....But thats a different ethical question..

I was like this for quite long...Even now, I'm not totally immune to this way of thinking... And disappointments or failures really made me desparate & sad.. For the last couple of years, I've been following a diff approach... I don't attach too much importance to results...But I make sure that the efforts are put in a professional manner... i.e, once i've decided that I do something, I'll do it professionally... to the best of my abilities...

The end result of anything is a function of your efforts and a random variable..If the random variable takes away the results in an opposite direction, you certainly don't deserve to be sad.. Or in other words, I subscribe to a school of thought... It is not the 'end result' that matters the most..Its the path that matters the most... You do your job to the best of your abilities...Results, don't bother too much about that..