Jun 30, 2009

Lohithadas ... Down the memory lane

( Mallu specific post.. others excuse  please :)  )

          There are some four / five  malayalam movies that I recommend to many non-mallus.. And 'Thaniyavarthanam'  is one among them... And that script is perhaps the best work of Lohithadas , who passed away couple of days ago.. The societal pressures forcing a normal man to lunacy is a masterclass...   The combination of Sibi Malayil & Lohithadas has given some of the best movies to us.. Another notable one among that being 'Kireedom', the national award winning movie.

          I would perhaps place him at the same pedestal as the late Padmarajan..  However, both styles were essentially contrasting though..  
As many news articles say, "Lohithadas ini oru orma"  

Jun 5, 2009

Mixed Emotions

     There haven't been such a day in the recent past when on instance, I felt so good...and on another instance, I felt so disturbed... To be true, if I've to describe today - 5th June '09  - in terms of emotions I felt , it would be aptly mapped by a sinusoidal curve with 3 crests & 2 troughs..  However on all situations, I knew it was coming ... though I didnt knew whether the crest or trough was coming...but that knowledge helped me to deliver a balanced response.
     There are some situations in life when you have to speak up...And I'm happy that I did that today...  I do believe that a core value  education has instilled in me is to make sure that I don't take things meekly... that I dont silently submit myself to the so called system .... that I do try and fight.. that I do make a conscious attempt to make things better... And I'm proud that I attempted for that today....In the process, it did hurt someone...But I feel it'll do a lot good for him & the system in the long run.