Mar 13, 2006

Blogging off temporarily

Have been a little bit over-indulged in blogosphere during the last week..Read lots of blogs..Many of those weird, many good ones.. The next week is special to me.Got to do some work for that..Got to balance my office work with that...Perhaps its the most crucial point in my life. So for the time being , blogging off....


Mar 4, 2006

Give or not to give ?

Morning 6.30 : alarm in my cell rings... i get up ..I tend to wake up at the faintest of the sounds..Oh..its saturday.. Snoozes the alarms and again curled in the bed..

This went on for some time and finally I managed to get up at 8 ..
Have been thinking of going to a temple for some time..So quickly finished the ablutions and went to a nearby Hanuman Swamy temple..

Prayed...Somehow my prayers are sort of different...When I pray with good concentration, I tend to ask questions at myself..These questions are not predetermined. They tend to come out in random.. And I do get most of the answers from my inner self ..The questions can vary from what should I do for some particular problem to whats the purpose of life...Today, it didnt go that way....This time I prayed for something which I really want. I've been giving my best efforts to this....Something which'll greatly influence the rest of my life.

I came out...And the usual crowd of beggars were there..This is something which puzzles me ..Whether I should oblige them and give something or not..Earlier I used to give , but then the stories of this shitty industry really affected me... Here in Hyd'bad, I've seen one man begging by showcasing a kid whose one hand has been chopped of..Looking into his eyes, u can't help, but then giving him would drive him to further such acts..It has been one situation which I really repented later..I should have called some child helpline and informed abt that..But then, at that moment, it wasnt the dormant social animal in me which prevented from taking action..It was the horror of that sight which made me stale..It really took some time to get over that....

Coming back to the question, give or not to give...After seeing today's group of beggars, I didnt give anything..I've decided to trust my instincts..I'll give if I really see a need in their eyes...