Nov 15, 2010

If you don't write about me in your blog..

Post marriage, wife has been threatening me with dire consequences if I don't write about her in my blog.. Now, I have to admit, I thought Students' Council @ K was the ultimate lesson in diplomacy.. But again, I've been proved wrong.. Bachelors over there, marriage will teach you diplomacy at its best.. Some nuggets of diplomacy ..

At marriage reception
She : (Introducing someone to me ) This is xyx ( name )  my aunt's nephew's cousin's ...
Me: Oh hi.. How you doing.. Nice to meet you..
(post 5 minutes )
She: Hey, u remember xyz
Me: Huh!! Which xyz ??
She: #$%^#%
- This happens both ways.. so, not much of a problem.. you tend to meet 100s of relatives.. you remember barely 10 of them..

At a shopping mall
She:- Does this top look beautiful ?
Me:-  Yes yes.. ( Have to say, there is no alternative answer to this)
- This doesn't end there.. this goes for multiple iterations.. And I've spent a disproportionately large proportion of my time waiting in-front of trial room to give this 'Yes yes' answer.. And needless to say, I've stopped looking at my credit card bill.. Finally coaxed her to take a credit card :) :)
-- post 2 - 3 hours
Me: Ah..I'm tired :(
She: #$^^%*$@ .. How can you get tired while shopping ?

At home
She : (After cooking experiments) Is this tasty ??
Me:.Well...yes  ( If you give this answer, the argument stops there :) )

Now, professional commitments have put us in two different countries till Jan :((.. So, the arguments have shifted to phone

Over Phone
Me: Hey..I forgot to tell you..I'm going to see a tennis match
She: don't tell me anything :(
Key learning - The statement 'forgot to tell you' is a taboo :)

Having said all this, I've to say its beautiful :) .. & I miss you :(

Nov 14, 2010

F-Mail ??

No..No.. Its not an expletive :) .. On the other hand, this Monday(15-Nov) could be a day when email communication gets redefined again.. Last time it happened was when G-Mail was announced in 2003-04.. And as per lot of  reports, Facebook might be coming up with a mail system..
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Nov 6, 2010

The Mallu'ish 'Gelf'

When people told Qatar is full of mallus, I really didn't expect this much..
My usual intro conversation with a new person whom I meet here

Me: Naam kya hain ?
Stranger : Eh !!

Me: Name ?
Stranger: Eh!!

Me: Perentha ?
Stranger : Oh..peraano chodichathu ... Peru ... xyzz

Now I've started talking straightaway in Malayalam

Near the place where I stay in Doha, there is a Kerala inter-district football  tournament going on.. I've to say that the level of competition that I see in that is much higher than what is usually seen at Calicut in any of the leagues .. Some snaps from that
The Penalty :)