Aug 29, 2007

Perfect Vs Imperfect

Learning from the past:- " The problem in trying to be perfect or atleast posing to be near-perfect is that one mistake would crush up that entire edifice..And it would be a pain to recover. " ..

Recent Learning:- " The problem in being imperfect is that you might get blamed for mistakes happening around you because of your imperfect nature even-though you are not responsible for it ".

Current Mood :- Philosophic & Confused.

Aug 24, 2007

Mohanlal's Best...

An old comedy scene from a mallu-movie in the 1980s... Seldom has Lal acted like this in recent times.. Non-Mallus, please excuse.. Ask your mallu friend to see this and explain it to you..
Mallus , Enjoy!!!!

Aug 15, 2007

An Independence Day with a difference

Have you ever tried going back to your high-school for Independence day celebrations ? I did that today..Was lazing at home for the last couple of days.. So, just thought of going to my School ( N.S.S High School Calicut ) for independence day.. And it was a different experience..Standing near the school assembly,hearing the band set, national anthem etc..Phew...It has been 9 years since I passed out of this institution ( 98 SSLC batch ).. And when you go back to such a place , nostalgia will strike you quite heavy..I go there once in a while,but this trip was special.. Some of the teachers who taught me are still there..One of my classmates is a teacher there now..It was quite nostalgic when teachers recollect the experiences they had with us.. It seems they too miss us sometimes. :) ..

There was nothing extraordinary about this school..But yet, it is quite special to me..Its a school which gave me lot of freedom..I remember one of the prime activities during my 9th and 10th was going through the newspapers every morning, getting info about all the quiz programs in city and going for those ( Calicut has a very vibrant quizzing circuit ) and ofcourse, bunking classes for those :) . . And NSS formed a crack-team during those days along with Silver-hills, Central school etc . Those days were really great ...I'm quite different from what I used to be during those days..My ideals, my principles , my vision..all are different now.. But yet, the school still attracts me a lot ...

The school also reminded me of my adolescent crushes.. The 'discussions' we friends used to have ( ofcourse about the gals :) )-- Yeah , we were quite naughty during those days.. Among our classmates, we had a guy whom all of us used to make fun because of his 'ignorance' in those matters..But, apparently he 'invested' his time very well during engineering college..He got married 3 months before :) and we 'scholars' are still single ( and eligible :P ) .. In this connection, check out this article by Jiby about his Loyola days..Somewhat filmy & funny :) . It would remind many of you the 'games' you played during your school days.
Guys,gals ..Do make trips to your school on such occasions .. These things are really nostalgic :) .


Aug 1, 2007

My first tryst with Entrepreneurship - Blogpane

An idea which came to my mind around 6 - 7 months ago finally culminated in this => BlogPane. I and my friend Antony Jerome in our spare time worked on this and today we are presenting you a tool to keep in touch with your college alumni and students who are into the blogosphere .

Blogpane is a javascript application which fetches the blog URLs of your college alumni and students from a centralized DataBase and presents before you it in a Tree format. Look at the Sidebar of this page and see the 'blog directories' of NITC and IIMK - two colleges which I'm part of.. To know more about blogpane, please visit our homepage ..There is much more to this product than being a simple Javascript application.. Its integrated with RSS ( Not Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, but Really Simple Syndication ) and the benefits are much more..

No hassles like registering on a site or creating usernames or anything like that..Few clicks, you are on a different plane in blogosphere !!!!

If you liked the concept, please give us a promotional post too.. ( U can be a critic too ..we appreciate criticism ) :) .. Any doubts over this, as mentioned in the blogpane homepage, send a mail to .. Or comment here too :)