Sep 30, 2006

Six things about me; habitual, common yet weird!

This seems to be a tough tag from sreejith..I had to think a lot before writing this..

Weirdo 1: ) I hate jackfruit like anything.. I can't even stand its smell.. I've tried many times to tide over this.. This smell itself gives vomiting tendencies to me...I dont know why ..

Weirdo 2: ) I can solve Rubik's cube in under 4 minutes consistently and, if luck favours it'll be done within 3 minutes..I dont think its a great feat..but then, solving it is thrilling

Weirdo 3: ) I tend to make silly calculation mistakes very often..Though I'm reasonably good in maths, I've made blunders like 39 + 14 = 43 , 2+1 = 2 etc even recently..

Weirdo 4: ) I tend to realise some things in life a bit late.. Often, the learnings have made me to think like "If I knew this before, my life would have been different "..

Weirdo 5: ) I tend to win silver medal at almost all the times... Through out my school & plus two life, there was some girl/guy who used to score a few marks above me and pushed me to second place..( In REC, I was never in the top 10 this didnt bother me there :) ) . Most of the quizzing prizes that I've got are second..Very few firsts there.

Weirdo 6: ) Ppl say that I've two contrasting personalities.. Some say that I'm very jovial, others say that I'm very philosophic. ..I think I'm a mix of both.

Passing this tag to Sanjiv, Deepak and Dutta .


Sep 25, 2006

Interesting Signatures..

These are a few of mail / forum signatures that I've come across in the recent times..
Hope u find it interesting..

1. Nobody can create or destroy a bug. A bug can only be transformed from one form to another
2. Hard work has never killed anybody..But why take a chance ?

3. There are only 2 kinds of ppl in the world: those who hv watched LOTR and those who haven't

4. 99% of the girls in this world are beautiful. The remaining one percent is in my college :)
( This is an old one ..was in some T-shirts during our final years.. )

And, the best one ........

I think am gay.. Wanna prove me wrong ???

Readers are welcome to contribute more to this list.. :)


Sep 8, 2006


The craziest Harry Potter fan has tagged me to write on books .. Now , literature is a field, where I'm very poor..My old quizzing partners know, I sulk at the mention of a literature round. I'd prefer magazines over books anyday.. Still, I'd give a try on this in a light way

1) One book that has changed my life

Hmmm...I dont think till now any book that I've read has influenced me to this level..Maybe, 'Godfather' has influenced me a lot..But , book has changed my life yet..
About 'Godfather', Mario Puzzo rocks..its really great..But I would recommend you to read it only after attaining a certain amount of maturity in your life..The values imbibed by a 15 year old boy by reading this book will be completely different from those imbibed by a 23- 27 year old guy. To me, the greatest learning from that ... "Its contacts and obligations towards you that'll help you in life the most and succeed in it " .. courtesy, Don Corleone :)

2) One book that you have read more than once.

Well, it is a malayalam book.. "Dharmaraja" .It came as a part of our std 10 syllabus..But, yeah...I really enjoyed it .. Have read it many times..partly for studying, partly for enjoyment..

3) One book that you would want on a deserted Island

"The best from Bobanum Moliyum " -- By Toms..
Mallus know about it.. U can't write comics better than Toms.. On any day, his works score higher than Calvin , Dilbert or any of those. But ofcourse, U have to know malayalam.

4) One book that made you laugh

Obviously, the one mentioned in the above section will always make laugh.. But another entry that qualifies to be put here is not a book, but a blog .. For people who haven't been to Abhinav Jain's blog, take a look at of the best humorous blogs.

5) One book that made me cry

Hmmm..tough one...Can't think of anything here.

6) One book you wish had been written

Autobiography by Osama Bin Laden.. Just for academic interest :)

7) One book you wish had not been written.

A definite first --- Theory Of Computation by Harry R. Lewis,Christos H. Papadimitriou --- Computer science people know about this..Sigh! I passed this subject..This book has almost all kinds of printing symbols that you can make.. And tons of theorems which is incomprehensible for an average computer science student .. Software engineering by Ian Somerville comes a close second in this category for the boredom that it imparted to us during the fifth semester.

8) One book that you are currently reading

-- CAT Preparation materials from TIME, CL and some old material from IMS ( My last got to be serious enough ) .

9) One book that you have been meaning to read

Have kept couple of books ready for reading from Nov-20 ( Billi is on Nov-19 ) , which includes "To kill a mocking bird" by Harper Lee and "Son's of fortune" by Geoffery Archer...Anybody who has read these , please comment on them..

-- Well.. Time to pass this tag to some people.. I hereby tag

1) Flyawaymind
6++) -- Anybody who'll take this tag is also welcome -- any bookworms out there ??


Sep 4, 2006

Missing my third consecutive Onam..

"Is there any place here at Hyd where I can get a good OnaSadya on this tuesday ?? " .I've popped this question to many people, but still stuck up with a negative answer. Eitherway, the spirit of Onam survives..I'm far away from Kerala, but still I can feel the rhythms and celebrations there..Asianet relays some Onam special programs which gets me nostalgic.

Those were the days when we roamed through our village seeing and participating in many programs like Pulikali , Vazhumarakayattam, thalapanthu.. etc..

Those were the days when we got to see most of our relatives spread far and wide across the nation ..

Those were the days when we collected flowers and laid laid pookkalams in front of our ancestral home..

Those were the days of Ona Sadya with kaalan, aviyal , pappadam , pazham paalpayasam .....

Those were the nights when we sat throughout to see the local club celebrations cheering, mocking , making fun ...and enjoying...

Those were the days when we used to wonder looking at the 'thumbapookkal' on the road side and gardens..

Those were the days when we used to see the famed 'Kaikottikali' and 'thiruvaathirakkali'

( Sigh ) Those days have gone by....