May 17, 2009

Conventions & Logic

  He:   Hey..Why are we doing it this way ?
  She:   Its supposed to be done like that 

  He:   Why? It doesnt seem to serve any purpose .
  She:  This is how it was done till now & we need to maintain that way.

  He: But there are better ways of doing this..Why spend such an awful time for doing this in an archiac way ?
  She:  That deviates from the convention.. 

  He:Its like a dogma..U spend so much of your time to preserve a convention which doesnt seem to serve any purpose. 
  She: It was done like this till now & it'll be done in the same way going forward no matter what effort it takes..We got to do it.

  He: Sigh!!.. Is there any single word for 'useless convention' :)  

         -  There's this wonderful movie - 300 - in which they picturize how statements from Oracles are made..And the futility of obeying to a convention/norm/dogma is shown in a touching way... We get exposed to different systems in our life...None of them are perfect..Rather, those systems are the need of a particular time frame..When times , technology & people change , systems got to change.. We may very well comeback to the old system at a later point in time..But that doesnt mean that we should be averse to experiments / change...People who think differently from conventions tend to come up with something better..Change should be in everything we should be in technology, processeses, people...everything..

            Always respect two kinds of people the most - People who make a system & people who break a system...


Rahul said...

This reminds me of what Rhett says in Gone with the wind; and I praphrase- there are two times to make it big in life, when the society is on its way up and when it is on its way down... rather vague resemblance i agree, but in a similar vein..

Anonymous said...

Why is the conversation between a "he" and a "she"? Gender bias?? :P

Anurag said...

liked the last line a lot :)

n 300 had a "touching" moment...i think i will have to watch the movie again :P

n most importantly....what is this topic "he" and "she" are discussing...also who are "he" and "she"

Paro said...

Loved the last line :)

Paro said...

Loved the last line :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Rahul - hehe..true. Rhett Butler has a series of such smart & meaningful statements in that.

@Deepak -- Nah..not at all.. based on a real incident

@Anurag - Touching way in the sense, the entire movie unfolds in such a way that u tend to realize the folly of sticking to Oracles rt?
About, he & she , certain things are better left abstract :)

@Paro -- Thanks :)