May 22, 2008

System, Change , Efforts

I went there with a desire to set winds for a change in a system..A system in which I'm going to have very minimal or practically nil stake..Five minutes into the process, I realize that I'm banging my head against a brick wall...When the underlying realities are harsh, words cannot be music to ears... Essentially at some point, I felt its not going to be of much use... The atmosphere is no longer cordial.. I lost interest.. Left the effort..Played on through the process..And it got over.

When I think about it, I still ask myself... In such situations, should one persist and argue over things ? The downside of this being that the cordiality would be more broken than you can amend..And it goes against my 'God-father' principles .. What matters in life the most is your contacts & friends...And you shouldn't antagonize anyone for needless things... But then, it wasnt a needless thing..Its something that I really wanted to see happening, though I wouldn't gain much from it.... Either way, I think I need to improve in communicating certain things.

Ah..Enough philosophy..People are saying I'm a bit too philosophical nowadays. :-)


Narayanan K said...

Yea bit too philosophical. :-)

I personally dont believe in 'Contacts and Friends are most importan'. No doubt friends and family are most important in your life, but making friend or contacts just for the sake of 'You dont know when you need them'. I believe in making firnds just for the sheer joy of knowing them, spending time with them.

Just my personal take. :-)

Unknown said...

when one goes cryptic it is all the more difficult to interpret what he means.

My take is - Be what you are is the best even if that would antagonize a few contacts. Talking about contacts, they are not of much importance as they can be replaced. One does business with contacts - unemotionally, that makes it all the more easy to take them on

Serendipity said...

I have been feeling that I need to communicate better too. :(

Just out of a prolonged argument and counter argument

It is true that it is not of much use but the other person gets to know that there is another point of view too...

Antagonizing people - well if some one antagonizes us, I guess we do have every right to give it back.

Kandarp said...

It is a start.
Your IIM experience will make you even more philosophical.

Chellu said...

Ayyo onnum manasilyailla [:P]