May 29, 2007

Absent minded!!!

I think I'm thinking a bit too much about my work nowadays.. Yesterday after work, I went to a hotel lost in thought and ordered "2 porotta and a compilation schema ( a technical term used in my work ) " .. I don't know how that word came to me then..The waiter had a puzzled look..Fortunately I realized my mistake and quickly changed it to a veg-curry..

I hope I don't do anything more stupid like this :( :( :(

Current mood :- Embarrassed

Immediate diagnosis :- I'm just back from a totally drenched up trip from Ooty last weekend ( We went to botanical gardens there and heavy rains started in 10 minutes ) ..So its not a problem with lack of outing.. Maybe I should get a few new books or see some funny movies.



Anonymous said...

LOL ! thats remarkable.. haha.
so oracle is affecting ur life so much..
-- another oraclite, who is in a way admirer or urs.. :)

Deepak said...

Compilation Schema?? ROTFL. You are too sincere to your work, man.

BTW, I see you got secret admirers. Hmmm!!!

Movie Mazaa said...

Hahaha.. that sounded real funny. A mix up of terms is quite usual and even a reversal of sounds, but this is well... LOL!! :D

Nice blog, btw!

Hitchhiker said...

hahahaha :) ... compilation scheme ?? :)

Serendipity said...

ROFL compilation schema .I guess the waiter is going to hear a mixture of technical and business jargon next time u visit the hootel;)

Anurag said...

u r a true computer science geek ;P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@admirer -- Oh , not many oraclites know about this blog..Anyway , welcome here :)

@deepak -- I'm sincere, but this was a bit over-sincere..Secret admirers, well, lets see.

@velu nair -- Even I was terribly surprised at this mix up :)

@hitch hiker -- What to do..It happens :(

@serendipity -- Well..maybe. I hope these stupidities dont come often from me :)

@anurag -- Thank you..thank you.

Unknown said...

Happens. I have had similar experiences da.

1) A couple of days back I didnt notice the traffic signal changing to green. I was thinking abt something at work and the guys behind me freaked out.

2) I was in a meeting once and obviously I wasnt listening to everything being said. My manager asked me for an update on my tasks and I shot back "which pattern ?"

3) And this one is a friend of mine. He was doing ruby for such a long time, that when he came back to Java world, he had forgot to compile his code !!

Paro said...

OMG...Is that what work does to us!!!LOL

Rama said...

Hey a nice blog. Compilation schema? Well, greek and latin to me :)

It's a really funny one though :))

Anonymous said...

:-) Things like this happen to me a lot ... specially when i get lost talking on the phone, and say 'No' when I am supposed to say Yes :-)
And yes, thanks for visiting my blog. You have got a nice blog here ... will keep coming back, including for some Oracle snippets that I could possibly use at work :-)

vineet said...


Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@vinay -- it seems both of us are working too much :)

@paro -- well..depends. This is perhaps the first time that something of this sort is happening to me.

@rama -- Welcome here :) .

@taks -- welcome here. :) I dont blog about oracle or work here ..Anyway, keep visiting

@vineet -- so, one more NITCian here :)

hope and love said...

it happens to me all the time. my boys keep teasing me abt it. u r overworked. take a break.

deeps said...

aah tht happens wen we r preoccupied..ther has bin times wen ive drawn phenol rings on my c++ note..nd once i was taking down lecture notes wen the teacher shouted "SILENCE"....i wrote dat down too:D

Kandarp said...

Imagine if the waiter asked whether even the porotta needs to be compiled !

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@hope n love -- Yeah..May be..But IT field is like that :(

@deeps -- Phenol rings in C++.. Thats interesting.. Organic chemistry was one of my favourite subjects in pre-degree.. Nostalgic memories..

@kandy -- :D Fortunately the waiter was IT-illiterate :)

Flyaway Mind said...

hmmm..i know what ails's this 'too much outings' :D ooty & vizag are taking toll on you..give a break & work now :p

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@flyaway mind -- I'm a hard working guy , madam :)..No more outings in the near iim course starts on 16th :)