Aug 4, 2015

Travelogue - Hamburg

Hanseatic city of Hamburg, as they address themselves is quite interesting. The word Hanseatic comes from the German word Hanse / Hansa signifying the league of cities or merchant association formed to align the policies to maritime trade.

If the Southern German cities like Stuttgart & Munich are known for their automobile expertise, Hamburg is about shipping & transportation. A huge container port with a beautiful harbour, Hamburg embodies the shipping culture into itself.  The maritime museum dedicated to various aspects of shipping from history to engineering ,  the infamous Reeperbahn ( Hamburg's red-light district ) ,  Hafencity - A modern city formed out of old harbor area & reclaimed land,   a la-Venetian style canal system ,  the city is quite engaging in itself.  

The star-attraction in this city was undoubtedly a place called 'Miniature Wunderland' . See the pics & Video .. This is a place where you should take your kids in the age group 10 - 15. Anyone can enjoy it though.

It actually made me realize why Germany is still an engineering super-power. Kids who grow exposed to this as well as the Maritime museum will develop a keen interest in engineering & shipping. Those interests will be honed naturally in a growing teen.  Probably this is the way in which the automobile industry in southern Germany builds engineering talent as well .  Compare this to the state in India where only a miniscule proportion of the engineering first year students know what they are really getting into.
A model in Miniatur Wunderland

One of the rail models in Miniature Wunderland

Hamburg, just like Singapore, preserves the harmony with nature exceptionally well.. There is this beautiful 'Lake Alster' , right in the middle of the city. Unpolluted, serene, Alster cruise will really make you wonder if you are truly in a big city like Hamburg.  Apparently, many millionaires have bought homes on the shores of Alster, pushing up the real-estate prices to sky-high levels

Just like Berlin, Hamburg is exceptionally well connected with U-bahn & S-bahn services,. We never hired a cab in the two days spent here.

Hamburg is bidding for 2024 summer Olympics. I wish I can return to see the games then in this wonderful city!

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