Mar 24, 2007

NITC - after a long time :)

Visited my alma mater, NIT Calicut last weekend for Ragam.. has been a long time.. lot of changes, lot of new buildings...lot of new stories ( read gossips ) .. Guys, NITC has changed a lot :) ..Some good aspects..some not-so good aspects.. Before getting into those, take a look at the snaps below...

( Most of the content in this post might not make any sense to non-NITCians.. Sorry for that ) ..

== > This is the how the entrance looks like now.. Closed gates, security guards etc at the start of Raj-path .. Almost all parts of the compound is encircled by 6+ feet high walls with glass pieces on top to prevent any of those old-style jumpings from hostel campuses..

Heard Papachan and Chechi have closed down their stalls ( didnt go there ) becoz , mess is compulsory now...( That is bad.. Isnt it ?? ) .. The Kattangal Shake shops , Mamachan etc are said to be still there..But to go to Kattangal, u have to go through the main gate..So, unless u have a bike, its a very long detour...Predictably becoz of this, number of bikes in the campus have increased..I even saw a girl riding a Pulsar -- Sorry guys, no snaps of that :) -- Four five years down the lane, we may even see girls giving lift to guys and waiting around F-hostel on their bikes.. Thats a good prospect..Isnt it :) ?

Any guesses which is the hostel shown on the right side ==>
? Hold your breath ..
It is C-hostel.. It was one of the most poorly maintained hostels during our time... NITCians, please comment on this change :)

.. Opposite to C-hostel there is a new commercial complex coming up ( no..not of the b'lore shopping malls type :) ).. It is something which'll have a stationery store, saloons, gym, etc..etc..
( No Snaps of LH i.e, Ladies Hostel :) ..though i did go near that area :) )

F' has a new floor now..Its a 3- floor hostel now.. All the hostels have net..The CC or computer center is known as "Orkut Center" now... The cases of fake profiles, profile hacking etc are very common.. Future hackers getting trained :) ..

An orkut community indicating the availability of bandwidth =>

Another one..."Orkuttans@NITC" :) =>

==> Atlast a saving grace..The MC..aka Mini Canteen still looks the same..

I had a portion of "Double Attach" and "Lime" ....
That place reminded me of the nocturnal life we had during our times..

At around midnight, this place used to be swarmed by people..

" Chetta , Oru Lime tea.."
"Randurpya aimpaisa.."... ( Colloquial way of telling 2Rs, 50 paise )

"Oru Double attach"....
"Oru slice .... " ... And so on....

Below are a few snaps from the evergreen concert and fashion show ( Rechristened as 'A La Mode ' after the ban on fashion shows in Kerala ) .. "A La Mode" is read by keralites as "Alambode" :) ..Apologies for the poor quality of photos..My Motoming didnt work properly in fading light ..

Above and left, Evergreen..

Right, A La Mode ( Fashion show )
... After a long time, I could do cat-calls and howls without any apprehension :) .. Before the fashion show night, MSF did a protest march in front of campus against vulgar shows

......Thankfully or otherwise, there were no mini-skirts on stage and we were kept in never-ending anticipation ..The last four teams in the show had only guys among them and recieved maximum intensity cat-calls , abuses etc :)

I couldnt get there for Shaan's show, which was very good it seems..Even political opponents agreed on that.. Shaan rocked :) ..

Met with my teachers Vinod Sir , Nazeer Sir and Saleena Ma'am.. Talked a lot..

Few news which came from my teachers, old contacts and friends who are now working there / doing mtech there...

* Students are more career conscious now..The preparations for CAT,GATE etc start early..
Those were the exams which we gave just like that during final year ..A GRE cult is not yet there..

*AIR Rank 1 in GATE for EEE is from our college and that too an S6 student... Lot of other top 100 ranks too in all departments.. And 8 IIMA calls, 2 IIMB calls...etc ..etc..Good going juniors.. :) ..My GATE rank was some 800 odd in prefinal year and 1300 odd in final year ( I studied a bit in final yr :) ) ..

*Now, to the funny part.. Director/dean issued a circular banning liquor bottles in the campus..A guy was caught because he was having a very good collection of liquor bottles..and becoz somebody tipped him off :)

* The next day the circular for the ban of bottles was released, a record number of beer bottles, and other stuff were recovered under the notice board where it was pasted...Dont know how spiced up the story is :)

* ECE - 2004 passout batch, your " Vaal - street " incident is a regular phenomenon among even the first years now :)

* Lot more spicy stories....but can't put it in blog :) So, censored :)

All in all..It was a very nice experience :) .. See some more of my memories @ NITC in this earlier post



Serendipity said...

Itz alwaz fun to revisit one's alma mater :)

mess is compulsory now.. Anything thatz compulsary is bad :D

After a long time, I could do cat-calls and howls without any apprehension :)
Student life rocks :) Those were such happy times :)

Unknown said...

Making mess compulsory is bad. I wonder why they did that. Maybe to protect some underperforming messes ? Sigh..why will these guys ever learn ?? Apparently, the Karnataka govt has made it mandatory for houses built post 2006, to have a rain water harvesting unit on the terrace. Now, you know what's going to happen. Strict controls leaves people without choice. And the ones who benefit from it would enjoy the absence of competition. If running a certain mess isn't economically viable, why run it ?

I miss MC :( There were some rumours about MC being demolished. the kids managed to save it ? Rock on NITC.

The emphasis on higher education was sort of expected. On-campus jobs probably became a surety. And it was natural that people started aspiring for more. Good good.

Deepak said...

HOLY SHIT! Is that C-Hostel? I don't believe you.

Anyway I knew of the big walls with glass shards, the closure of Papachan etc. Still have a few contacts among juniors. :)

Kandarp said...

Heard Papachan and Chechi have closed down their stalls

Shocked and Saddened !!

csy0182 said...

Holy Shit!! The place sounds boring with all the restrictions!! :( ...

No liquour on campus??? boooooooooh

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@serendipity -- Yup..Mess food was so bad on some days :(.. Cat-calls and howls..yeah..those were the dayz of life...

@vinay -- I guess it is a canteen - mess nexus that has lead to this compulsory mess thing..

Higher education, yep..almost all have 2 jobs now..

@deepak -- Yeah..It is C- Hostel :)

@kandy -- Yeah..thats bad..I used to be a regular customer @ Chechi's food stall..

@chaos -- well..yeah..kindof. Booze, ppl will find booze whatever the restrictions are..

Nikhil C said...

shocked to hear the changes...
u can start the gossip parts now as a continuation of this posts...posting pics will be highly appreciated ;)

Deepak said...

No No.. Booze may be banned.
But dope isn't!

I heard it's grown by leaps and bounds.

csy0182 said...

@dr@n - dope is bad news.

agree with vinay wrt emphasis on higher education.. it's difficult to survive without a master's these days.

Deepak said...

@Chaos: Wrong! Look at me.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@nikhil --only snaps :D

@deepak --yeah..heard abt the popularity of dope..A bad news indeed..

@chaos -- Well, we struggled for a job..Now since job is an assurance ,as Vinay pointed out, they are aspiring for more..Masters degree, I dont think its nescessary..but yeah,it can help

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Oh well ! The bottles thing is true .. I guess .. heard the police were brought in too !

And day before , the SFI from the city barged in , and broke the glass walls of a new building that was being constructed

I guess MC'll always survive

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepa--now thats strange..U have some one studying at NITC :) ? U seem to be well aware of the things there..Heard about the police and sfi stuff yday from a junior..Sad indeed :(

Flyaway Mind said... have started a nitc reunion n gossip session :) in your comment box..feels like to visit my college after reading this...'alambode'il kooval-nostalgia theerthu alle?:)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@flyaway mind --yeah..yeah.. Lots of NITCians flocking to this page :) Google analytics shows more than 100 unique hits over last two days :)
.. And yeah..kooval nostalgia maari :D

ancientmariner said...

was surprised to see the gate in front of rajpath!!...thats bad news that papachan's closed...really loved the food..tht was a trip down memory lane with the double attach n orru chaya maashe at MC..phew its been 5 years !!

Maddy said...

man! ajith

you almost made me start a new blog on NIT...well, you did bring back memories, We started Ragam in 1979, we started the was great seeing all that.

but the news of the front gate & the fact that u have to go all around to reach kattangal is sad.

also read about the SFI attack and the, times are changing!!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ancientmariner -- Yep..Lots and lots of changes have come.. I was not a frequent customer @Papachan's..but Chechi's food was good..Used to frequent there :)

@maddy -- Oh..Great to hear that u ppl started Ragam.. Yep, SFI attack was a bad thing ( lot of arguments and counter arguments from opposing political factions going on over that )

Bullshee said...

Nostalgia! It hits heavy! Nice post......I'm hearing about the boozing bans and the "para" veppu between political factions...I was in the middle of the politicking in my day....wasnt so bad as this....
College is going to the dogs in one way, getting better in another(academic?) But is it losing the REC charm and heading for NITC dullness?

Dimple said...

For a non NITCian like was hard to understand about papachan and chechi..but believe me enjoyed reading it thoroughly..:)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@bullshee -- Well, let me tell u, each of us thought the same way during our final year..Politicking getting worse and all..But, of late i've come to a conclusion that its a matter of perception...Maybe yes, college is having too much and bad politrix now.

@dimple -- he he, thats a good compliment..Thanks :)

jakethesnake said...

Sigh..I miss those double attaches ,bread pakodas,cream buns,soda lime salt,chicken puff,veg puff,maggi masala..they were my high octane fuel for 4 years.

Dainty Damsel said...

Visiting one's alma mater,especially if you had been in hostels brings nostalgia for sure.
A girl riding a pulsar?cool :).Hope the lines stated after that turns true in no time ;)

Students had started preparing for CAT from second year in our college :D,write GATE,CAT,GRE and everything under the sky and pursue in the field where they get good credentials without having a clear idea as to what their interests are.Rat race they say.

Excellent ranks in GATE from your college.nice :)

Mess compulsory,well same here.Got to pay no matter you eat or dont :(

All night canteen and student life rocks for sure :)


Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@jake -- MC was all of ours favorite place at NITC i guess :)

@crescent -- Yeah..yeah..I too hope that the pulsar riding gals become increasingly common :D..
Students giv all exams just like that..Even i too belong to that breed :)
Thanks for dropping by :)

raghav said...

ha , so u did have a great time at NIT C .. You would have enjoyed it even more if u had been witness to the 'great' and 'not so great' things in colg !
btw .. MC rocks .. hope they dont bring any rules to bulldoze it down!

Rose said...

Aaaaahhh!!! Good old days...



Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@raghav -- I did hear about the 'not so great' things :) ..And yeah, MC rocks :)

@rose -- True..Nostalgic :)

Kryptonite said...

yeah shaan's show rocked the place.. luv nitc.. today 2 yrs at nitc are over..(end sems just got over..) 2 more yrs 2 go..n yeah c hostel still doesn't hav lan..
vinod sir is an awesome sir.. just 2 gud..the sad part being hez goin for phd n wont b tecahin us in s5 or s6..:(
n yeah comp sci rocks..

Deepak said...

@anna: But tronix rocks better than that. :P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anna -- Yeah , Vinod sir is going for PhD..But dont worry..Murali sir will be coming back after PhD..

@deepak -- Seems we have a 'para-pottikkal' competition :)

Harsh said...

nice post... brought back a lot of nostalgic memories... hope to be ther e again some day... have'nt been there since convo... [:(] lots of changes though!!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@harsh -- Thanks a lot..Yeah.. there are quite a few changes :)

Wetfingers said...

MC is no more, its been shut down. No more football ground, its been demolished.College ratings have improved 7th in Indian sub-continent.We are heading in the right direction i guess.

Anonymous said...

The gate looks out of place at the Rajpath. What will these people think of next. Although I really would like to visit CREC again and see the whole thing myself.

Funny thing is, I dont remember either the names/faces of any of my old profs. I think its the selective memory thing. Also, more than remembering attending those boring thing called classes, I have very fond memories of Ragam, Debutante, the roller skating rink (!!!) and venturing out to the city more often than advised.

My malayalam is a bit rusty, am usually practicing it with my new boss who's also from Kerala.

Ah, for the good ol days in CREC - you cant help but miss the place big time.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@wetfingers -- thats really sad news.. I wonder why they did that.

@ringchen -- definitely visit NITC. the difference that u'll find would be too high compared to '01 when u passed out

Chellu said...

Could u please have a post on those 'Spicy stories'I would love to read it..:P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Bhadra -- hehe.. this happened during your time at NITC :)..Ragam - 07.. So, guess u would be better informed :P

Scribbler said...

@ all:
dear seniors, NiTC is no more what has been CREC....

The old MC is no more than demolished.The juniors do not even know such a thing existed.
the so called ""Amenity Centre"(THE MALL) is the new MC
The new buildings are popping up wherever they can build it so as to make maximum money...
To be frank after 5 years when i return i would expect a small manhattan here rather than the old beautiful college if it goes on @ this rate... :(
Life isn't great fun at a deemed university either

after passing out this year

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post about NITC. The C hostel where I'd stayed for an year looks amazing. It was terrible during rainy days with water all around floors!

Rahul said...

I dropped by last month and found the MC demolished.. It is a pile of rubble now :( Apparently the new establishment opposite C hostel has to do!