Feb 21, 2007


Should have put up this post sometime back.. Neways, better late than never.. I finally said a temporary goodbye to my good-old Nokia 1100 .. Switched to Motoming - A1200 , which I bought through my friend at Motorola getting a good discount :) ..

I'm no geek to review a mobile-phone.. So, restricting it into some points..


Stylish, Voice quality is good, Camera is good, Opera web browser is OK,Pretty stable, Hand writing recognition is fine, Battery charge stays on for quite a good time...etc

It has only Realplayer support..I havent yet managed to install divx codec in it :( , There is a business card reader, which is actually quite useless.. The phone has a 200 odd pages user manual along with it, which I chucked after 2 days.

Seriously irritated with the Airtel customercare centre.. Had a hell lot of trouble for enabling browsing in it... Still lot of things to sort it out on that front.. Notably, though I can browse blogs through it, I'm not able to comment..The comments page just refuses to load.. And, orkut is not working properly in it :(((

More news :-
Went for a trip to Pookkot lake in Waynad with my parents and brothers.. Trip was good.. Calm and serene place.
Currently engrossed in reading Orhan Pamuk's ( Last year's Nobel Prize winner ) "Snow" ..Very very good book..Will be writing a review once I finish :)



AJ said...

Has the "Lajjavati" ringtone changed ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

my friend has the same one , i think .. is this the one in which u can have a person's snap to match the record ?

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@attitudenine -- I think I've lost it da..Lajjavathi,Kattanar..all those funny tones :( It might be in that old phone..Got to check

@deepa -- Yep .. thats it. Neverthless , didnt find that feature to be that useful..Yet to experiment with it :)

Deepak said...

I'm not a big fan of MING despite being a Motorola employee.
It sure has excellent value for money, but I'm ready to pay more money for a phone with WiFi.

I'm looking forward to buying iPhone.

Flyaway Mind said...

even without motoming u r online 24/7:)))good heavens!!!i have found that blogging is more enthusiastic, when done from office and when there is hell lot
of work to finish!!!:)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak -- Yep..I too was leaning towards iphone.. But, that'll be released in India only by this year end i think..Thats long time :)

@flyaway mind -- Yeah yeah.. :) Somehow, internet has crept into our lives that much :) ..Blogging from office..,I write at home , save as draft and publish from here after review :)

csy0182 said...

i had enough of cell phones... i sure would like a cell free phase..

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@chaos -- sometimes I feel doing like that too ..Switch off cell for quite sometime :)