Feb 6, 2007

Some Lighter Moments :)

Lot of tough things have been happening over the last few days , so thought of posting something light.... Below are a few funny incidents taken from my life which I could recollect now.. No malice intended towards the characters involved in the stories..Only intention is to have some good laugh



Venue NITC College hostel..

X and Y are two inmates in the hostel...

X comes and knocks Y's room ..

Y : Aaraa ?? ( Who's this ? )

X: Ninte Appan..Thurakkeda vaathil ( I'm Ur father..Open the door )
-- Considering the REC lingo, this was actually a very moderate answer :) --

Y Opens the door and X comes in to find another person in the room..

Y introduces to X the person inside the room.. "This is my father ,Mr. ....... "

-- I was not present there to watch X's face....I wish Y had taken a snap of the occassion :)



Venue: Oracle Hyderabad -- A few days after I joined

My team mate ( X ) and one of my best friends there was watching a video in which a beautiful girl ( I must say , very very beautiful ...kind of model looks and all :) ) was introducing her team members... The pause in which he was watching was too good.. He was sitting as close to the monitor as possible , with his jaw supported by both hands and giving all possible attention to that girl ..

3 managers,including our manager was coming back after a tea break and they saw him..

Manager 1: Whats this ?
X: uh..oh..This is ATG team introduction.. ( In his anxiety to exit the media player , he paused it..so that it was only that girl in that screen :) )
Manager 2: Arey, Yeah kya hai ?
Manager 1: Why r u seeing this ?? ( laughing )
X : Oh..that..I..I wanted to know them..uh..oH..

All laughed and went :)

( PS :- Very few ppl know that X was actually running the video which was shared in my computer :) )



Venue : NITC hostel, some days b4 our final yr celebrations.. There were a few minor skirmishes among us final yrs and some of the juniors.. At around midnight , a rumour spreads that a few final yr students are getting beaten up in the basketball court by some juniors.. Around 10 - 15 students took whatever they could get ( read Hockey sticks, Cricket bats, stumps etc etc ) and ran towards the basketball court....
-- The date was April 1 - 2004 :)


4 .

Event : Was supposed to be my first booze session

X : ( Already in very high 'spirits' ) See Ajith , You dont know what u r missing by staying away from booze.. U r missing some of the finest pleasures in this world ...
Me : Ok ..Agreed..I'll taste it once and see if there is anything so magnificent..
X: Aah..Fine. He takes a bottle which he was drinking and mixes a drink for me ..
( At this point I was actually thinking a lot..abt the 'principles' and all..and was not paying attention to what he was doing )..
I took the glass and took the drink..Kind of taste of pepsi ..
X: Yeah..I mixed Pepsi ..
-- 5 minutes ..no effect...
X:Ok..I'll mix another one..
-- I took that too.. No change at all.. I couldn't see the world 'rotating' or stars 'twinkling' as was described..

X: Man, ur capacity is awesome..Even I get kick after two pegs. Ok..I'll mix another one..

-- This time I saw exactly what he was doing .. My booze buddy had already finished the small rum bottle.. In his high spirits, he was not realizing that he was pouring an empty bottle again and again to my glass :)


This is actually a very good quiz question,which I repeat once in a while in the quizes which I get to host here n there...

Venue : ISB , Hyderabad
Function..ISB ACE Corporate Quiz 2005 .
QM : Joshyula Krishnamurthy..( Mastermind India , University Challenge Finalist )

The first Q : -- Once to a question posed by a Journalist, Laloo Prasad Yadav answered , " There are no such grounds in Bihar " .. What was the question posed by the journalist.. ?

-- Nobody could answer..Even none among the famed kcircle fellows present there, not even the audience --- Finally the answer was, Or rather the Q posed by the journalist to Laloo was
"Would you resign on moral grounds " :)

-- I consider this as the best trivia based question that I've ever heard :)


( Added later : If u want to know how to waste Government money, learn it from Kerala Politicians.. Read this story )

Hope u had a nice read :)


N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

The incident in which X , Y and father was invloved was pretty nice :D . Would have loved to see a snap

Deepak said...

Excellent one da...


The father/son thing and the April Fool were some of the funniest incidents which have occurred in our college life.

Unknown said...

hehe, nice post. I kinda remember the April 1st thing.

Speaking of final yrs Vs rest of the college fights, I guess we have seen quite a few disgusting moments :(

Flyaway Mind said...

heehe..lalu is a real PJ king..made a playground out of bihar..and what a funny one to ask for a quiz..me too would have luved to see poor X's face..

Anonymous said...

We sure had some lighter moments in college... but why is it that I can't recollect the April 1st incident?? GRRR... yikes.. my brain cells are getting depleted!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@nariyal chutney -- Yeah, that incident was too good..

@deepak -- yes da.. Those were funny days..

@vinay -- Yeah..anyway, thats past now :)

@flyawaymind -- :) Laloo has always been entertaining ..And yeah, questions like these make quizzes entertaining.. Its not something like "whats the GDP of Mongolia" that hooks ppl to quizzes..Its trivia like these :)

@sanjiv -- U dont remember the April 1 incident ? Thats strange

Hitchhiker said...

Supppper cool :) I was laughing out loud esp reading the empty bottle thingy

Anurag said...

he he he he
cool mone`
really brought back memories from college....teh booze party
but never knew bout the final yr incident....mere ko bulana tha na :P

Serendipity said...

ROFL hilarious. the father son thing ,the manager thing and the april fool thing esp

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@hitchhiker -- danks :)

@anurag -- man , u used to be sleeping throughout the day..So, who would call u at night 12 PM.. Except may be for booze :) ?

@serendipity -- :) Yep..actually there are more hillarious stuff..But those are censored :D

Maddy said...

hi ajith,
two things drew me to ur blog - one ex NIT(like me), two calicut - well i had a laugh reading about the X&Y in which hostel? D?
keep on...

Sreejith Panickar said...

LOL! Really funny! Nice to get something light from your blog this time.... It is good to laugh, eh? :-))

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@maddy-- Glad to see exNITCians coming to my blog..It was in D [:)]

@sreejith -- :) Yeah..its good laugh :D :D :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !!

thanx for stopping by !

which batch ?

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepa -- I'm a 2004 passout.. U from NITC ?

mathew said...

i love to read old college stories..it brings back lot of pleasant memories!! :-)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@mathew -- thats true :) sort of nostalgia :)

Paro said...

LOL!!! I liked that laloo walah quiz question very much... n APRIL 1 was jus too good