Dec 25, 2008

Moments of Term 2 :-)

   This wasnt as exciting as Term-1.. An exceptionally hectic term with summer placement activities and some really hectic subjects...But still, some of the really nice moments..Some in my class..some in other sections..

1.   " Millions of years ago there was a giant continent called Pangea..Australia separated from that and moved to .....  "..Thats how an economics presentation of Australian economy started :-) ... Indeed when you have to give a presentation for 35 min, these things might happen :-) 

2.  "This restaurant was not functioning wasnt functioning optimally" 

3.  "These are extremely impotent issues"

Some Realizations

1. There are two kinds of people when it comes to night-life @ IIMK..Those who play Counter-Strike & those who do not ..And I belong to the second category :-)

2. Most time in B-school is spent not on case studies,projects or assignments..But in highly intellectually simulating discussions on global issues...or better known as "bakaar" . 

3. When it comes to accounting,you feel like why u did engineering and not C.A :-) 

4. Main objective for second year - See all the good movies in LAN :-) .


Chellu said...

This restaurant was not functioning wasnt functioning optimally"
Well don't we all do such things in for long essays :P

Anonymous said...

A management student finally coming to terms with his course. Nadakkatte nadakkatte!

Anurag said...

impotent issues!!!!??? ha ha...that is foot in mouth man...

n bakar is THE most important part of life...iim or anywhere....

enjoy ur time man....

Anonymous said...

Watch movies in LAN! Thats what I'd too too :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ Bhadra
-- definitely.. I remember writing such kinds of things in NITC assignments during mass copying :-)

@ Deepak
-- Hehe, I'm sure MS perspectives would not be too different :)

@Dutta - yep..bakar rules :)

@Rinchen - hehe,pleasures of college life :)

@ anonymous commenter - For the answer to your question, please send me a mail to't publish that comment.