Sep 20, 2008

Moments of Term-1 :-)

       Phew..Just gave my end term exam and now a 10 day break.. Lot of interesting incidents, a great batch and awesome campus..Quite lot of incidents..Below are a few quotable quotes which I came across in this term.. 
  1. "Sir, When are you conducting the next surprise quiz ? " :-) 
  2. Company XYZ1, in the PPT .. "Sometimes work is 24x7..But it is satisfying" - WTF ??? 

  3. A group giving a presentation - "Our presentation has 3 parts - Introduction, body & conclusion :-) "

  4. Company XYZ2, in the PPT .. "Sometimes its a dog's life..But it is rewarding " :-)

  5. " have indulged in maal-practice :-) " 

  6. Prof( Asking a group which was doing a case analysis on Mountain Dew, with reference to the famous Cheetah Ad) : " How does the Ad signify the taste of Mountain Dew ? "
       Presentor: " That, you'll have to ask to the Cheetah" :-)

  Mathewisms - Taken from prof. A.F Mathew's classes.. Seldom have I come across such an impactful personality. He taught us a course - Social transformation of India .. I'm not sure if I agree to all his arguments..But certainly he taught us many impactful stuff like the concept of caste and how entangled it in in polity & economy of India, how society evolved like this, Indian constitution and its formation..and many more stuff.. Around 10 movie screenings in the audi..some of them , quite impactful.. 
   Above all that, he has given us two booklets with lot of articles..Of course, none of us read those before exams completely..But this would be an integral part in my personal library..Sometime when I'm free,I plan to read many of these again .. 

  Some of the quotable quotes from his class....
  Prof : "If a girl sleeps with 10 guys, she'll be called a slut..But if a guy sleeps with 10 girls, what will you call him?" 
 Class :  "Stud" :-) 

  Prof : " You havnt read Premchand ? My God...How can u call yourself an Indian ? Half your life is lost " 

  Prof: "The biggest problem that India is facing is........ Awasthi is sleeping :-)" ( Pointing to a guy dozing off in class ..This happened in another section..not my class..but this was a masterpiece )

  Prof: " single celled protozoa.." ( pointing to a guy ) 
  Prof: "He is in a trance "( Pointing to me ,when I was dozing off :-) ) 

  Prof ( While explaining sexuality ) : "Read  -some purana story name - .. It is much better than surfing porn in internet " 
  Prof:  "look at Ajith...he's comes dressed up...probably put lacto calamine lotion..and ponds face powder "   


Serendipity said...

ROFL and is the Ajith mentioned in the last lines of Mathewisms u?:D Wow having time even to dress up ?:D

The first 6 rocked too.

Anonymous said...

really interesting..

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the 6th one, going gaga about "maal-practice" is a malayalee.

I remember some waiter correcting my friend when he asked for extra "salaad". Waiter replied, "It's not salaad.. it is saal-ad."
The rest of us didn't know whether to laugh at our friend or the waiter.

Anonymous said...

I like Prof A F Mathew. What an interesting class!

I'm reading Premchand immediately :)

Paro said...

Good ones :) really enjoyed reading it and am waiting for more...

n surely thats a motivation to bell the cat!!!LOL...:)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@serendipty -- yeah..yeah..who else the bakra could be..Ofcourse it was me. but i didnt use any of those lotions :)

@lijo -- Danks :)

@deepak - was not said by a mallu..'maal' in Hindi was the intended meaning there :)

@rinchen -- Everyone likes him..Awesome classes :)

@Paro -- Good luck for CAT.. I should say, its worth the effort :)

ancientmariner said...

'maal practice' is a pre requisite for becoming a stud I beleive :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Tagged ya!

Ajith said...

"Sometimes its a dog's life..But it is rewarding "

Is it Hutch??? The pug got sacked when vodafone to0k over hutch :)

Anonymous said...

thats interesting read. Like the humor

Anurag said...

he he....liked the slut n stud fact was having a discussion on similar lines with a friend...
bloody sexist society ours is