Jul 4, 2007

Eight Arbit/weird things about myself !!!

Taking up a tag after a long time..Now reasons for this

1) The blogger with the most innovative blog-name has tagged me ..

2) Time is 8.30 PM.. I got to wait till 9.00 here...( No..I'm not waiting for any date ) .

3) I want to wake up some ppl who are having some serious writer's block by tagging them :) .

4) Long time I've tried creative writing :)

Rules :

1) Put down 8 random / weird / habitual facts about yourself..

2) Tag eight ppl

3) Ask, bug, coax , bully them into taking up this tag :)

There was a similar tag which I took up sometime back..And I'm putting the first point as a copy paste from that because thats one of the most weird things about me

Point 1:) I hate jackfruit like anything.. I can't even stand its smell.. I've tried many times to tide over this.. This smell itself gives vomiting tendencies to me...I dont know why

Point 2:) Someway or other, there is an opinion among my cousins that I have lot of girl friends..I vehemently ( is there any other stronger word ) deny that notion :) .. If it was said during my PDC time, yeah , there was some truth in that. :) But that was mainly because we studied in a class having about 50 girls and 30 boys.. and in the neighboring classes during that time, ratio was some 1 : 4 .. Proportion matters :) .

Point 3:) Taking a cue from NC's post , I usually dont get instant crushes on any girl..But if I get a crush, it usually persists for quite some time :) ..

Point 4:) One of the my most favorite activities was to make some stupid comment loudly in a movie hall while some very serious senti or action scene is going on.. -- and ofcourse, receive reactions from the fellow audience .. I remember making the entire audience laugh by passing some comment during Titanic .. and I remember inviting the ire of entire audience by saying something stupid while watching Asoka :) ..This is a skill which I've kind of forgot to cultivate in the recent past..Will make an earnest effort soon.

Point 5:) For about the last 5 years, I've been getting some injury/disease without fail during March - April time ..The latest one in that list was my injury @ vizag this year. The previous year, I got a bee/wasp bite before my IIMB interview ( PGP ) which led to a surgery the day after the interview. And the year before it was a fall from my bike resulting in a burn on my palm and leg..I havnt yet found any astrological connection to this..but often I wonder, whats this all about..

Point 6:) Ok.. something light.. One of my ambitions is to direct a malayalam tele-serial and irritate viewers so much that they won't bother to see serials anymore... Anybody having some
suggestions on this, please contact me ..Tele-serials is the only thing that I dont like , but I've to face while @ home.

Point 7:) In food matters, I'm a born non-veg.. I can eat beef for breakfast, chicken & mutton for lunch and rabbit for dinner :) .. And maybe some fish fry for snacks in between :) ..I'm yet to try eating pig / cockroach / snake -- But yeah, willing to experiment on those too :)

Point 8:) I'm running out of more ideas for the eighth point ... Ok, let me put this differently..
The only person with whom I had a pact in orkut that we'll be mutual fans, give 100 % ratings in cool, trusty and sexy factors is Attitude Nine , a.k.a Antony Jerome..The reason for putting this is a bit different..We'll be coming out with a small blog based entrepreneurship venture soon..And we'll be contacting quite a few of you for a bit of popularity via promotional posts.. so, please help then :) ..

Now time to tag people..

Flyaway mind , Hitch-hiker , Sanjiv == > All of who seem to be having some serious writer's block ..

Serendipity == > Because u tagged me last time for writing on dreams :)

Paro == > A good new generation blogger :)

Bullshee ==> Who seem to be having lot of time counting the number of posts .

Attitude Nine == > I'd like my future business partner doing it :)

Jakes == > put in some time :)



Attribution said...

Jackfruits -hmmmm
Point 6- Awwww

BTW you have been tagged again! :D

Cuckoo said...

You know when somebody does a tag, what I see first ?

My name among the tagged person's list. :P and I am relieved when I don't see it. :)

Anyways, nice to know more abt you.

7th point... experiment with snakes & cockroaches?? Yuckkk...

Flyaway Mind said...

fish fry for snacks? hehee..how abt some jackfruit chips snacking too?:) as for suggestions on mallu teleserials,might be u can chip in some of your PJs..people will never bother to switch on idiot box again.. :D

Serendipity said...

tele serials thingie lol. U can direct some of those in all languages. ;)

And 8 things gosh it is gonna be reeely reeely tuff :P

yikes cockroaches, snakes .

Tagging eight ppl is gonna be fun :evil grin

jakethesnake said...

yipee! I have been tagged.A first for me :)

mathew said...

non veg..cant agree more with you..
pakshe jackfruit..am a loyal fantic.. ;-P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@attribution -- Sure.. let me see :)

@cuckoo -- see, any meat thats fried is edible :)

@flyaway mind -- lets make a collective effort over PJs :)

@serendipity -- oh !! this serial problem is there everywhere :) ?

@jake -- :) I'm glad to do that honour

@mathew -- lets have a rabbit + beef + mutton + frog + tortoise dinner together :D

Serendipity said...

yep it is the same case everywhere. :D. Most mega serials are a pain

Movie Mazaa said...

Loved that comment abt the tele-serials!! hehehehe...

Bullshee said...

I have a lot of time counting the posts? I didn't get it???? Whazzat mean?

And I have to do this post I think- 3 different people have tagged me with the same tag in the past week....

Seema said...

Ajith - Actually yaaaa…the surprise is similar at my end too :) Normally, I don’t prefer to exchange my lunch box with neone but don’t mind exchanging with you lol…cauz its gonna be variety of my favourates! But u serious about the snake n coackroach bit ???
Point 4 on yours...lol can imagine that bit quite well !

PS - Thanks for coming ovr to the clouds :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@serendipity -- Oh..Then lets make a collective effort :)

@velu nair -- Thx :)

@bullshee -- Oh..what I meant was , u seem to be posting a lot.. So, counting on the number of new posts in ur blog, it seems that u r having lot of free time :)

@seema -- Over snakes and cockroaches, if they r fried with a bit of masala and chillies, I dont mind.. The reason is, if we go to a hotel and ask for beef, there is no guarantee that what we get is beef..Could be even dog too..So, as a policy, consider any meat as edible if it is fried :)