Sep 30, 2006

Six things about me; habitual, common yet weird!

This seems to be a tough tag from sreejith..I had to think a lot before writing this..

Weirdo 1: ) I hate jackfruit like anything.. I can't even stand its smell.. I've tried many times to tide over this.. This smell itself gives vomiting tendencies to me...I dont know why ..

Weirdo 2: ) I can solve Rubik's cube in under 4 minutes consistently and, if luck favours it'll be done within 3 minutes..I dont think its a great feat..but then, solving it is thrilling

Weirdo 3: ) I tend to make silly calculation mistakes very often..Though I'm reasonably good in maths, I've made blunders like 39 + 14 = 43 , 2+1 = 2 etc even recently..

Weirdo 4: ) I tend to realise some things in life a bit late.. Often, the learnings have made me to think like "If I knew this before, my life would have been different "..

Weirdo 5: ) I tend to win silver medal at almost all the times... Through out my school & plus two life, there was some girl/guy who used to score a few marks above me and pushed me to second place..( In REC, I was never in the top 10 this didnt bother me there :) ) . Most of the quizzing prizes that I've got are second..Very few firsts there.

Weirdo 6: ) Ppl say that I've two contrasting personalities.. Some say that I'm very jovial, others say that I'm very philosophic. ..I think I'm a mix of both.

Passing this tag to Sanjiv, Deepak and Dutta .



Anonymous said...

Hi Ajith, thanks for taking up the tag!

The jackfruit thing seems weird. The smell is sometimes not that interesting, yes. The second calculation was brilliant! :-))

Learning late is not weird I think. Better late than never!!!!!

From your photo on Orkut, you seem to have a philosophic halo! :-)

Anonymous said...

wowee.. somebody does exist after all with point #1.

point#6 - ponder upon need more brightness in ur life..start off by changing the template of ur blog!

Hitchhiker said...

Oh I thought everybody used to love jackfruits :) and their smell (of course ;) )

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@sreejith -- jackfruit has always been an enigma to me.

@sanjiv -- Wow, u too ??

@hitchhiker -- There are weird ppl like me in this planet :)

Anonymous said...

Another tag for you! See my latest post.....

Anurag said...

u have tagged me
now wat am i supposed to do?
(sorry new to this tag thingy :o))

Scoot said...

this was an interesting response.
u hate jackfruit.many of my friends hate it too
but i love love love it

hope and love said...

Rubik's cube ..? omg i could never do it even if i tried for years..!1

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Sreejith -- Don't know why..but ur name is not appearing after I upgraded to beta..

@Anurag --Bhai, just write a post on similar lines

@maya -- Love jack fruit ? sigh!!

@hope and love-- There are lot of algorithms for that..Once you study that, solving Rubiks cube is easy..And 4 minutes is no big feat..The world record is about 55sec i think...Can u imagine that ?

Sreejith Panickar said...

Oops!!!! May be Blogger Beta dislikes me.... :-)

Narayanan K said...

Point1:- I dont love Jackfruit, but love the paste that u make out of it...chakka varattiyathu!

Point5:-Remember the famous dialogue from Malayalam film Naadodikkattu?

Point6:- I will call you intense than philosophic.

Anonymous said...

I love jackfruits and Rubik cube gives me the heebie-jeebies. I hate games that play havoc on my ego.

I like Weirdo no 4. Welcome to my life :)