Jan 10, 2008

Time Value

No..I'm not cribbing about the time that I lose..But a different thing.... Something for which I yearned two years before didn't materialize then, but it did now..And now I'm in an entirely different situation...It the sense,it would have made me ecstatic two years back..but it is kind of making me indifferent now... Hmmm..Got to think .

On another note..Who said two wrongs doesnt make a right ? It does atleast in software..
"Wrong Code + Wrong Test Case = Expected Results " -- I got that yesterday..Fortunately was easy to fix..

And over the NITC trip that I was talking about in last post - We went..But I need a big post and more time to describe those..Would do in a week :-)



Anonymous said...

Please tell me it has nothing to do with CAT exam.

Unknown said...

But a different thing

You are leaving your readers with a lot of scope for imagination here. Especially readers like me, who always think the wrong way ;)

NIT Calicut said...

hmmm... and you gotta post it on the nitc blog too! will wait... :)

Anonymous said...

got six iim calls .. didn't you ? :)