Dec 3, 2007

How good is Amazon's delivery in India ?

I see a lot of interesting books and DVD's on Amazon's site.. And quite a lot of them are not available in book-stalls in b'lore like Landmark.. How is Amazon's reliability over these online purchases ? I've stayed away from that mode of purchase after an irritating experience with Indiatimes .. And anyday, I'd prefer going to a huge bookstall like Landmark/Crosswords rather than buying online because of that atmosphere.. But, maybe owing to low demand, lot of books & DVD's are not available even in these top-class stores in India.. So, I'm thinking of trying Amazon..

If any of you are regular/one-time customers of amazon, could you please comment here or mail to ajithprasadb - at - over their reliability/speed of delivery etc in India..



ancientmariner said...

You might want to check with their customer care on the products that are delivered in India. I don't think they ship everything that is listed on their site..atleast that was the sitn a couple of months back...I have had no problems with their service in United States

arpana said...

try crossword near brigade road, that has a better coverage, and me thinks, if you pay a portion of the price in advance, they'll get the book you want - even if they dont have it :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ancient mariner -- Thanks a lot..Thats something that I need to take care of .

@all --Thanks for the mails

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@arpana -- thats interesting ..Got to check that out :)

Anonymous said...

I had taken an Amazon delivery about 6 years ago in India, it did work. But, it was pricey. So you may have to consider getting it delivered to a person you know in the US or any other country that Amazon serves. They can probably bring it along when they visit you.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anonymous -- Thank you :) ..I guess I know you ( from the style of language :) )

shyam said...

I live in Chennai and have ordered many times through, but mainly Books, CDs and DVDs. Electronics and pretty much any items that do not fall in the three categories of (Books, Music, DVD) is not shipped by amazon.

I receive my packages at an average lead time of 7-9 days. So you can comfortable go ahead and order and they have a good customer service also.

do email me for any further queries on the same.


Atul Shah said...

You should try . The site has a merchant association with amazon that allows you to buy from Amazon and get it shipped to your doorstep. Pricing is given in INR which provides you with the full landing price