Dec 18, 2007

The Dairy Circle Junction

This is a unique place in the road-map of Bangalore ..or even in India.. The unique features of this place ..

1) This is a four-way junction under a flyover and over an under-pass with 8 roads , 2 each in each direction , all one-ways with well visible & working signals..Technically a well-thought about and well-designed traffic plan - an extremely rare piece of engineering in India perhaps ..

2) 90% of the people don't bother about the signals at this place.. Even if the signal is green, you'll have to look to all four directions and then take your vehicle. All are alike in breaking signals at this riders, auto-wallahs , bus/car/lorry - drivers and even cyclists.

3) Only place where you can see vehicles taking all possible directions and U-turns simultaneously even if the signal is red .

-- See the snap of this place..Taken at a time when there is not much traffic..but you can still see vehicles moving in all directions.. I'll upload another one once I get a full-traffic-jam picture at this location.. Sigh!!!.. Games Indians Play ...Also, read Vinay' post about driving at this place..


Off-track news :- Nayantara is 'hot' in Billa :)


Deepak said...

Bangaloreans are good in making even the best piece of engineering as the worst.
A youtube video which I had seen an year ago.. It is really hilarious.. Don't forget to read the comments in youtube.

Off-track comment: Show some respect for your "bhabhi". Don't call her hot.

ancientmariner said...

if possible get a 'top' view of this junction..would be interesting..:-)..There's another unique place near the Richmond circle flyover..:-)Reading 'Games Indians play'..Such books should be distributed free of cost so that everyone can read it...

Flyaway Mind said...

know what..we shifted to dairy circle 1 week back. can see ur office from mine ;) and the worst thing is there is no place to hang around :( no restaurants, atms more bday treats these days..woaaaaaaaa

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak -- Eda, All the NITCians are telling me this 'Bhabhi' dialog ( first about Vidya Balan & now about Nayantara too ) :(

@ancient mariner -- Topview, let me see.. Can't climb up the flyover just like that :) ..Richmond is not this bad I feel .

@flyaway mind -- Unfortunately, we are shifting out of this place to a remote Marathahalli soon :( :(
--Btw, forum is very near to dairy circle.. Whatelse u need to hang around :D :D

Deepak said...

Dude... You don't have to run around with a camera for a top view.

Technically, you'll get exactly that if you zoom into Google Earth :P

Anurag said...

come to ahmedabad man
most junctions DONT have a traffic there is no question of jumping a red light or not bothering about it
the usual rule into the centre of the junction...see if someone else is doing the same...if yes...see whether u shit in ur pants n slow down or the other one shits n slows down...n then depending on the above IF condition...u give way or move on...
yes...that is wat happens

Dimple said...

R u serious...after reading ur post followed by ur comments ...i m a bit doubtful ..tell me one thing is banglore worst than mumbai ??

Liar Goodspeed said...
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Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak -- Google Earth won't do.. The traffic jam happens under flyover .

@dutta -- Oh..Interesting place. Try implementing an IIMA pioneered traffic management system :)

@dimple-- Well.. I dont know..I havnt been to Mumbai yet. I've heard Mumbai to be a lot worse on this front.

@mohit -- It seems all the emerging cities have this kind of unique traffic junctions.:)

Deepak said...

@Ajith: Dude, you are a disgrace to the name of NITC.

What was asked? "The top view of the junction, and not the traffic jam"

And what did I reply? "Technically...."

You don't even realize it is a bad joke. :P

Vinay Murthy said...

And I was wondering how come that blog post of mine had an abnormally high number of hits.... ok ok now don't start celebrating :P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@vinay -- :) I dont have that high incoming traffic :)