Dec 30, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust :)

Another one from our B-tech batch losing his bachelor status.. My project partner (a.k.a partner in fraud ) Ibrahim getting married on Jan-6.. He's special in many ways..

-- Only student in perhaps the entire NITC history to have his home nearer than hostel from class.( his home is couple of plots behind Mamachan)
-- Even with that proximity , he took a room in hostel with the intention of studying :-)
-- He studied quite a bit..And at the end of 4th year, he became an expert in FIFA-2000 :-) .
-- NITC Football captain with a rather awesome victory streak in Calicut league :-).
-- Now enrolled in M-tech @IITK, he aspires to come back to NITC and join there as a lecturer few years down the lane..I sincerely wish he succeeds in that.

( Hopefully he won't read this post :-) )

His wedding ( or rather reception ) gives me another opportunity to visit NITC Campus..I'm off to Calicut on coming saturday eve... Last time I visited college was in Feb-07 for Raagam.. Heard quite a few changes have come up in campus. So,would be back next week with some snaps from NITC and hopefully some campus gossips :-)

..And yeah, Happy new year to all



Cuckoo said...

When is your turn ? ;)

Wish you a Happy New Year too !!

Deepak said...

What about you, dude?
Have your relatives started bugging your parents?

Anonymous said...

hi ajith,

r u from 2001 batch?

am also from nitc (2000 ece). saw ur blog from kerala blog roll

anyways .. have a gr8 2008

Anonymous said...

I envy you with all my heart. I've been longing to go back to CREC and see the Sorrow Valley once again but no such luck. Do take one if you go there this time, please!

Happy travelling & happy new year!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@cuckoo -- Bachelor life is a bit precious to give up easily :)

@deepak -- Relatives have been bugging my parents for quite some time :)

@sandeep -- Welcome here..I'm 2004 passout..Have heard about u from Ajin.

@rinchen -- :) Sure.. I guess I'll have enough time there :)

Unknown said...

yeah, saw that mail from ibru !! I am not sure whether I can make it, but do give him a couple of bumps from my side.

Is he really thinking of teaching at NITC ? strong !

Anurag said...

wish ibrahim happy life from my side too would u

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@vinay -- Yep..Really strong :) ...Atleast one from our batch going that way,which is good :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anurag --Sure..Would do :)

NIT Calicut said...

Hey we do need campus pics! Do make a good album and get 'em back! Nice feast, I guess.... and wish you a very happy new year too! :)