Jan 28, 2006

The real battle begins.

A sea of information infront of me...It looks a bit intimidating at the first sight. It depends on how much I grasp, how well I present and above all, yes ..the divine factor. This is certainly more challenging than the first round.. The odds are heavily stalked against me in one aspect. Except that, everything looks OK..but, thats certainly a critical factor. Anyway, lets see..I've got time and talent and this is perhaps the best chance that I can ever get. Got to make the most out of it.



Shriedhar said...

Glad to c ur blg!
i was lokin 4 blgrs frm hyd


Shriedhar said...

glad 2 c ur blg
was lokin 4 blgrs frm hyd

Hiren said...

When flodded with over information, follow management by exception. Best of luck