Jun 18, 2011

The Apple Reign In Kuwait

There's a joke that's going round here in Kuwait ( Yep.. I'm in Middle East again for a 2 month consulting assignment ).. Whoever who sits with their heads up in a discussion room / gathering is a Nokia phone holder.. whoever who sits by looking down is an iPhone owner..because they will be fiddling around with the gadget in a perpetual manner :) .. I'm surprised at the level of popularity that this device has achieved over here.. iPhone & iPad are said to be perpetually running out of stock.. I checked couple of stores.. they keep only the latest version ( which is often exorbitantly priced ).. For eg: There is a huge price difference between iPad 2 with just wifi support & iPad 2 with wifi & 3G support.. And all the shops have only this wifi + 3G option available.. Smart sales strategy

Unlike the Western markets, the 'App-Culture' has not quite caught up here. But no matter, people keep playing on with this device for whatever reason.. And people like me who still sport a Nokia phone are like anachronisms in this part of world :)

Conversation overheard at an electronics shop
- A customer to a salesman ( pointing to an iPad ) - " I don't know how to use it..But I'll buy it if you teach me  to use it" (in broken English )
 Sigh!!! People have too much money here

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Kandarp said...

people like me who still sport a Nokia phone are like anachronisms

The only Apple product I own is a 4 year old i-Pod which I rarely use. So, good to know I am not alone :)