Nov 15, 2010

If you don't write about me in your blog..

Post marriage, wife has been threatening me with dire consequences if I don't write about her in my blog.. Now, I have to admit, I thought Students' Council @ K was the ultimate lesson in diplomacy.. But again, I've been proved wrong.. Bachelors over there, marriage will teach you diplomacy at its best.. Some nuggets of diplomacy ..

At marriage reception
She : (Introducing someone to me ) This is xyx ( name )  my aunt's nephew's cousin's ...
Me: Oh hi.. How you doing.. Nice to meet you..
(post 5 minutes )
She: Hey, u remember xyz
Me: Huh!! Which xyz ??
She: #$%^#%
- This happens both ways.. so, not much of a problem.. you tend to meet 100s of relatives.. you remember barely 10 of them..

At a shopping mall
She:- Does this top look beautiful ?
Me:-  Yes yes.. ( Have to say, there is no alternative answer to this)
- This doesn't end there.. this goes for multiple iterations.. And I've spent a disproportionately large proportion of my time waiting in-front of trial room to give this 'Yes yes' answer.. And needless to say, I've stopped looking at my credit card bill.. Finally coaxed her to take a credit card :) :)
-- post 2 - 3 hours
Me: Ah..I'm tired :(
She: #$^^%*$@ .. How can you get tired while shopping ?

At home
She : (After cooking experiments) Is this tasty ??
Me:.Well...yes  ( If you give this answer, the argument stops there :) )

Now, professional commitments have put us in two different countries till Jan :((.. So, the arguments have shifted to phone

Over Phone
Me: Hey..I forgot to tell you..I'm going to see a tennis match
She: don't tell me anything :(
Key learning - The statement 'forgot to tell you' is a taboo :)

Having said all this, I've to say its beautiful :) .. & I miss you :(


vivek raj, IIM Kozhikode said...

n1 ajith, perspectives from the other side of the table eh!

vivek raj, IIM Kozhikode said...

n1 ajith, coming from the heart :D

Abhinava Pratap Singh said...

Good going! Share more such nuggets of wisdom.

Dhanu said...

nice post !!!...keep going...
(ammu's friend)

Paro said...

Haha!!!! Awesome post!Waiting for part 2 of this post Jan! :P

Smrithi said...

All i can say is ... well done Amritha ... who would've known Ajith Prasad would turn this way !!!

Rohit Sood said...

I would say that if you hadn't put in the last would have been quite un-dplomatic of you!!

but seems you have actually mastered the art!! :D

Unknown said...

hi...good one....when is the next part :)

JustSo said...

Bit late, bt congrats n I totally agree on the diplomacy part :)