Sep 28, 2009

Time Value Of Friendships

There are certain friendships/associations that stays throughout your life even if you don't put much effort into that.. Certain people gel naturally with you.. On the contrary, there are some friendships, no matter whatever effort you put will fade in due course of time..Its not that these people don't like you or you have any aversion towards them.. Its just that time brings about different priorities , different aspects etc..

The other day, i just thought about many of my friends who have graced my life during different times.. There are a few among them with whom maintaining consistent interaction comes naturally to me..and to them too...And there are a few among them with whom even if I put in lot of effort, the gelling does not come .. It certainly isn't intentional.. For, if i get in touch with them somehow, the phone call / talk is often quite good & interactive...But somehow, both of us does not feel any urge of maintaining that continuity..

So, what exactly makes a certain friendship to continue ? Its puzzling..Isn't it ?

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Kryptonite said...

it's quite true... :) i think it depends on how well u knew the person whn u were in constant interaction..i mn like in school/college /work etc