Mar 17, 2009

A Typical Quiz@IIM

   Here is a section from a mail from a  subject's course co-ordinator over a quiz conducted last week.. The paper was out of 10 marks :-) 

Population Statistics

Mean : 0.37 maybe

Mode : 0 (by a long way)

Maximum : 2

Minimum :0

Range : 2

  Frequency Distribution

  Marks    Frequency

   0                65

   1                 3?

   2                 7?

    -- No prizes for guessing how much yours truly has scored in this quiz :) :) 



Serendipity said...

Should have been a highly "mean" prof to give such a quiz

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of one bearded fellow in my department in NITC.

Kandarp said...

reminds me of the same bearded fellow reminded above.