Mar 1, 2009

The Tale of MBA Projects

 Quotes During First term projects selection 

 "Man..We should be doing a project that will add value to us..We shouldnt settle for anything less"
 "Project should help us sometime in the future when we are working in industry " 
 "You know, these are the real learning opportunities in an MBA course " 
 "Lets brainstorm on this for 2 days..And after that lets meet @ Cross-roads at 23:59 on friday"

 Quotes During Second Term project selection 
  "Man..I dont care about value addition..But I want it as a CV point..I mean it should be something worthy enough to put in the CV"
  " See, its not about the topic..Its all about how you present it.. Remember , that bugger - XYZ - got max marks last term for a crappy project "
 Quotes During Third Term project selection
  " Minimum pain - maximum gain..that should be the motto.. "
  " Criteria one - Is the project topic 'googleable' ? "
  " Lets somehow finish it man..I'm tired :| " 

-- This is where the story stands..  Ofcourse some of the projects that I did , I really enjoyed ( Macro Economics ) ..Some, I really dont have any idea what happened in that  ( Ethics, Marketing ) ..

    There  are  only two phases for an MBA project 
    One - topic selection..This used to take about one week or so in first term..Now i did that within one hour for some subjects in this term..
    Two - 2 / 3 days before the presentation.. Thats where I'm now over one project.. and it invariably boils down to the last day..

     I wonder how it'll turn out to be in the second year.. some people say, the motto will be 
"Lets fraud the project"   .. I hope it doesnt come to that extent :)


Rahul said...

similar to the progressive deterioration of initiative in our NITC years :P I hope there is nothing like the post placement NIT phase in IIM though!

Chellu said...

Very True!It was a nice read!Keep this away from the prospective recruiters and media :P

Serendipity said...

Itz the same case everywhere :D

eternalmonotony said...

That captures the essence of it succintly! I shudder to think how would it pan out..when you add three more terms to it :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Doesn't look too different from our undergraduate life in NITC.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It seems to have followed me to my work life as well :O

Kandarp said...

Haha - very accurate !

Rakesh said...

he! he! very interesting... truly-maaadly-deeply...

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Rahul -- Nopes ..Placements happen towards the end of the course :)

@Bhadra - Prospective recruiters will be impressed by the ability to complete a project within 2 - 3 days :P

@Serendipity -- Even abroad ?

@Hari - to see how it goes in the next year

@Deepak - Hehe.. NITC final yr project was almost like this :)

@GWBE - Thats a scary prospect though

@Kandy -- How was it in second yr ?

@rakesh -- IIMK still remains the same in this aspect :)

wanderlust said...

Applies equally well in work life as well. First it is the right kind of experience, then it is the right kind of organization and environment, finally it boils down to whether or not there is a credit in your bank account at the end of the month!