Mar 30, 2009

1/2 MBA

  Not quite... Two more exams tomorrow... And an eventful academic year ends.. 

  Moment of Third Term

  MR Project presentation.. This was something in which I had free rided completely except choosing the topic .. Ofcourse, can't help when there are 4 academic projects :|

  Prof : When the targeted market is population in Kunnamangalam ( the place where IIMK campus is situated ) , why did u restrict yourself to IIMK students for the survey ? 

  Presentor:- Sir, we did not have anyone in our project group knowing local language ( innocent reply )
  Reality - There were three mallus including me in the group :-) 
  MBA Vs B-Tech Life 

     I miss the carefree academic life that I had in NITC.. Reading lot of books, learning whatever subjects that I liked... Infact, the volume of acad materials is so huge in an MBA that even if you dedicate 100 % time to studies, you wont be able to finish those....Indeed, I miss learning some subjects which I would have loved to learn if I had enough time. 

      What I don't like in MBA life - The emphasis on CG & not on knowing the subject.. Not because of the fact that my CG is not great :-)... But somehow, peer pressure drives everyone into efforts just to boost the CG....Exams/quizzes means - just study the PPT's ...Even I'm a culprit to that to an extent :-) .. 

     But I enjoy the responsibilities that have come up  my way here.. I feel I'd be a better person by the time I finish the course owing to these responsibilities..MBA is indeed a tight rope-walk  balancing many things in life.. 
  ( PS:- Check -  This has become an integral part of my life here....perhaps to an equal extent as acads  :-)  ) 

              One critical factor to succeed in life is to have 'information advantage'...i.e, if you know certain things that you need to do to gain an advantage over others, whereas others might not really have that..  This was something that I really lacked during my B-Tech , as well as work-life..  But here I had some of that advantage owing to many factors..And I leveraged on that... But it is difficult to sustain that advantage.. Or in other words, I couldn't drive that information assymetry to a long term advantage for me here... ah.. a bit abstract :-) 

           Next few posts from Chennai... I'll be interning with Cognizant for next 2 months. 


Rahul said...

Interesting Post Ajith :) I hope the asymmetry doesnt level out too soon! Enjoy your internship!

Sivasundaram Umapathy said...

Welcome to Chennai

Bullshee said...

How did the prof not realize that you had Mallus in your group??!!

And what post are you in the StudCon?

Unknown said...

Are you sure that ur prof wont read this? ;)


Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Rahul - Hehe..the assymetry has already levelled out...Now, got to discover new assymetries :P

@Siva -- Thank you :) hope to see u there .

@Bullshee -- Well..tough Q if the prof realized it or not :) Waise, Prof is not a mallu.
-- Studcon is a flat hierarchy..No designation for anyone. All are 'Member, Students' Council - IIMK '

@BG -- Hehe.. hope so :)

Serendipity said...

MR and projects :( I have to do 2 for just MR this time :(

I have restricted my population to students of Dartmouth too but sadly can't give the dunno the local language thing. Shud come up with a nice excuse :D

And have a nice stay at Chennai :) Cream center's sizzling brownies are awesome :) Newyorkers is also famous for that :D

s said...

No one like assignments and quizzes... The only thing in mind during hectic assignments and exams will be "When the hell am I getting out of this college?" :( But four years in NITC is really a gr8 experience.. :)