Feb 23, 2009

Slumdog Conquers Oscars :)

           Whatever be your opinion of this much entertaining movie, today is a great day for India.. Just two Oscars till yesterday -- One life time award for that maestro, Satyajit Ray &  some costume related award for Bhanu Athaiya  in Gandhi , Slumdog gave us quite a lot today ...Rahman, Russel , Freida ...  and  as the jewel in the crown - Oscar for the best movie.. 

           What makes this movie special ? Its entertaining , fast paced, at times emotional,  often dramatic...but these attributes are found in quite a lot of movies...  To me, the speciality is that it captures the feelings and imaginations of all Indians..   Its a movie for the masses..Forget any cinematic imperfections..forget over dramatization, this is just something that quite a lot of people could relate to...could identify themselves with .. Cinema is for the audience.. And thats where Slumdog scores :)   

        As the music streams out of my itunes player, I can feel the emotions of many....And the music would stay on for some time :-)

Current Music - Ring Ring Ringa !!!

Jai Ho :)


Anonymous said...

To me, the winning point of the film is the sheer energy of life portrayed in it. The protagonists go through some of the worst situations possible, but it is still a feel-good film, just because of the energy.
There are a few things we have to learn from the movie.

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.