Feb 11, 2009

Options..Differences..And a lookback :-)

       Some people are precociously talented.. Or rather, is it fluke that gets them to these superlative achievements.. Eitherway, these people make you understand one thing that I blogged about sometime back...
      "the reason behind an action by me might not be comprehensible to you..And a reason behind your action might not be comprehensible to me..Or rather, these buzzwords - rational , logical , common sensical -- all these vary from person to person to a great degree"

     You tend to realize that something for which you struggled a lot does not even figure as worthy to someone else... :-) 
        On a different note... I'm again hooked back to this wonderful idea of blogging before exams..:-) 

            Never there was a dull moment..
            Never there were games.. 
            It was nice ... It was bliss..
            For I was being myself then..
            Times have changed..Years have gone by..
            Looking back, I do regret...
            But I'm thankful to a lot..
            For, those taught me a lot..
            For, those made me what I'm today..


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