Nov 27, 2008

Media,Politicians & Terror..

The Mayhem in Mumbai has ended apparently...I'm not going to do a post-mortem of this..There are enough articles in almost all news sites over this..But couple of incidents that happened over this terrorist siege..

1 .  Media has a habit of reporting statements selectively..Not sure if thats the case here..But if this guy really said this, no wonder he is often quoted as 'crown among clowns' .. What a practical joke. 
Jai Soniaji !!!

( PS:- Check the comments section of the news link )

2.  Media's live war commentary --  The ATS chief is shown live on TV wearing bullet proof jacket & helmet as he enters the hotel... Later on, he is dead by a few bullet shots at his neck --Did the terrorists see the live broadcast so as to shoot at his neck ? Apparently it cannot be ruled out as media themselves reported that terrorists had setup command & control rooms in Taj & Oberoi.. 
     NSG commandos were airdropped at Nariman house..This footage is shown as a deffered telecast or something ' a short while ago'.. Also, quite a few live telecast taken from some nearby buildings which clearly showed the NSG commandos stationed on top of Nariman house were also shown..Did these broadcasts alert the terrorists so that they got enough information to prolong the siege ? Forget all that..plenty of sniper shooting positions which NSG took were shown live..
     These reminded me of a documentary movie that I had seen sometime back over the Munich Massacre in 1972
The live telecast shown by almost all channels about the police sniper positions & airborne dropping of commandos was cited as a major reason that aborted the initial rescue attempt .. 

   -- Nothing can be conclusively established from these....But the point is that there is something called common sense..Atleast that should have told the media people that this 'fancy war reporting' is actually ridiculous..


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Ajith said...

Very good point. Media is very influential in this country, but they have to stop media airing this live coz most of the time the TV channels will become terrorist's 'eyes'. All this is done to increase viewership!

Syam said...

I agree with you ajith,TV reports helped the terrorists like it happened at any given such situation.But I dont think it is the lack of common-sense of TV guys.I guess the TV reporter guys were more concerned about "their career " at that point rather than solving the real issue of hostage situation.what do you think?
They get wider coverage,all eyes watches them!!But if that is the case how do we solve this problem?Can we use military certified guys to do hostage situation reporting?Any comments?

Unknown said...

As humming bird wrote The guys who report these are highly motivated by their career prospects as well as field allowance, otherwise who would be ready to go to a terror stricken place. The others including our honourable home minister 'd tap from their efforts and arrive @ the scene @ the earliest. I don't think any doordharsan reporter 'd ve done this in the 80's or early 90's when they 're the only visual news medium available.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ Ajith -- Yep..ultimately its viewership & TRP ratings

@Humming bird - Dont u think in their over-concern about their own career, they are causing greater harm to the nation by making our armed forces vulnerable ? The solution should not be to use millitary certified guys..But rather TV channels should stop these live broadcasting of these situations..

@Thara - their quest for their career, they are causing more harm and endangering our armed forces.

Syam said...
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Syam said...

Yes Ajith TV reporter guys are creating this problem because their TV Channel bosess are allowing them to do that.Why the TV channel boses are allowing them because,if one TV Channel stops reporting this,the other one will will get an upper hand in the "business of reporting" and ultimately the one who do not report this will loose viewers.We are looking out for solutions here!!There are two things which comes into my mind from my limited understanding about how media works.1)Law creation&Enforcement to stop terror situation reporting2)Educate TV channel bosess about this problem,seek their co-operation.Then choose&Train some TV reporters from their organisation by Military Press spokesman/Terror situation specialist.Only trained and certified guys should be allowded to report this incident so that it gets reported without hampering the rescue operation.

Use 1 or 2 or combination of both.The -ve impact of 1st suggestion is that it will create addition work load on our poor police&NSG at a typical hostage situation.The suggestion 2 should be continous and cumulative process which involves several componets of the goverment&industry to collabrate and act together.The toughest part is who is accountable,and who from the goverment will take initiative for this.

Guyz.....please give in your ideas/counter arguments and provide us an idea on how to go ahead an implement them.Ajith,If you dont mind why dont you use your blogspace for findiing out the right solution for this problem which you had put forth

Anurag said...

the media...this time has been one of the key drivers of people's sentiments...but always...
1. it has overshot the line of responsibility many a time
2. there are always the junk chnnels

u n me would selectively view news...but for the common man...whatever media feeds him...that is truth...

hope against hope that this powerful medium is more responsible in the future...