Nov 16, 2008

B School Life - Part III

Observations, learnings and quite more .. Now, in the midst of term II

1 -  Key skill enhancements/learnings during summer placement season 

        - How to dress up in business formals in 5 minutes .
        - How to gas about virtually anything unknown. 
        - How to ask 'intelligent questions' 
        - How to change your  career preferences betwee marketing/finance/operations/consulting
           as you hop between different company procedures.
        - No matter what you prepare, your selection/rejection is mostly determined by your
           communication skills rather than technical knowledge.         
2. As time becomes something of premium value , the usage of deodorants increases exponentially & that of bathing soap decreases in the same rate. 

3. When you don't have time, why clean your room :) ..There is no value addition in that :)

4. If google stops working for one week, MBA courses would come to a screeching hault :-) 

5. Initially people were reluctant to attend quizzes without preparations..Now we ( atleast I ) dont bother attending midterms without much preps..In the next year, I'm hoping that for end term too, we won't bother.

6. Business attitudes creep into day-to-day life a bit too much... 

7. Lose touch with atleast some friends & acquaintances  from your pre-MBA life unknowingly

8. The academic subjects are awesome...but unless you chose the life of a bookworm, you won't study all that to its proper level.

9. But there's lot of fun !!!!!

10. And yeah, I'll be interning with Cognizant in their consulting division :-)

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Chellu said...

Applies to MS ppl too :)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Well summed up.
That Google point, even I wonder.