Jul 28, 2008

Time..Opportunities...Regrets ?

At certain points in life you feel you should have done something a tad earlier..I was almost certain that this feeling was to strike at me some point or other during this 2 year course...It did,though from an unexpected angle/source... Last week I came across 2 situations, wherein I would have had more freedom had I finished my education one/two years before.. And one of those did put me into a deep & prolonged thought..

Certain actions might seem illogical..But, not everything in life can be explained rationally/ logically..I'm thinking of resorting to an irrational action ... something that seems outrightly childish.. But, my heart asks me to try my luck :-) .

( PS:- This is not to discourage anyone having significant workexp from doing MBA..Infact, workexp makes you more mature and your takeaways from MBA would be much higher... All thoughts and actions contemplated are from a strict personal perspective )



Anurag said...

was this about getting shortlists in companies ... if yes..i totally agree

but then ... cheer up man...there are much imp things to worry bout...
of course i am saying all this in hindsight...but then...its wisdom nonetheless

take care

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anurag -- Nopes ..its not over shortlists..:) Over that aspect, I've more or less accepted the fact that the jobs that you get out of campus placements wont be the ideal one...And I dont bother too much about that.

Anonymous said...

If I've learnt anything in 29 long years of my life, its this -

You cant sufficiently say "no regrets" and expect people to believe you.

You live, you learn. And you go and make other, new mistakes.

In the meanwhile, you try to be sane about the whole thing. If nothing else, we can always say - "we're but human" ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't decipher the head or tail of what you are talking about, Ajith.
If the world itself has irrational behavior, why not you?
Irrationality and Impulsiveness keeps you sane sometimes.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@rinchen -- Thats true..You can't confidently say 'no regrets'..Whoever we are,we'll have some regrets

@deepak -- hehe..It was meant to be obscure . Lets see how things turn out :)

Sreejith Panickar said...

Yes Ajith, I agree to your thinking. There had been situations when I thought I should have done something a bit earlier.

Quest said...

Am I having the same thoughts too? ;) a little bit early for me i feel :-?

Unknown said...

The more you trust the system, the more the outputs can be. Given that, It is totally upto you to believe in the system.

Don't ever ask me if I do - It doesn't matter.