Mar 22, 2008

Numbers...More Numbers

There is a trivial part in 'A Beautiful Mind', the Oscar winning movie in which Russel Crowe plays the brilliant , but Schizophrenic mathematician John Nash...

The FBI/Pentagon intercepts some transmission containing lots of numbers, thrown over a large piece of paper/screen..Nobody is able to make out any sense out of it..They call John Nash..this guy stares at that for hours altogether..And finally shouts "Get me a map".. He then proceeds to interpret the numbers in the transmission as latitudes and longitudes of various places..

Now I didnt invent / discover anything like that...But in today's CorpFin class, my state was almost like those clueless FBI officials.. An excel spreadsheet with numbers and formula being displayed on the making some calculations.. inflation, NPV, discount rate, IRR .. numbers throughout that excel .. 1.3231, 23.2435 , 343.211 , 1.321 ...... It made some sense to some people.. But it reaffirmed one of those old inferences that I made about myself.. I'm not good for Finance... I love maths , but not this type of number crunching.. Gimme geometry/trigonometry , I'll do..but not this type of raw number crunching..But unfortunately no one has discovered much applications for geometry in management i think.

On a different note, I've just started reading George Soros' 'The Crisis of Global Capitalism' ..I'd recommend it to anyone having even a fleeting interest in Economics



Anonymous said...

Hi Ajith,

Was trying to find out how u got that cool Blogpane and found out that its ur own creation :) Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Blogpane - the one that brought a lot of old CRECians together, thanks to Ajith :)

I remember 'Beautiful Mind' for the star pointing sequence more than the jumbled numbers. What a scene!

Inevitably, some ad's copied the whole thing and made it into a father-daughter sappy feel-good blah that I just cannot stand.

Chellu said...

Very true..Even in my grad classes all I learn is pure statistics..all the three courses.Dont know if I'll ver use it in a construction site..:P

Anurag said...

u like maths??? i hate u now :P

Unknown said...

hey, workplace design may need geometry, especially if you want to get yourself a very "convenient" spot to sit everyday ;)

Now, a beautifully designed workplace is like an incentive and will lead to happy employees. Happy employees may raise productivity in the organization. Increasing productivity is a management problem. So why aren't they teaching geometry in b-schools ??

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@sandeep -- Thank you :) Hope blogpane widget finds its way to your homepage :)

@rinchen - A Beautiful Mind is an awesome movie with quite a lot of such sequences..No wonder it won the Oscars :)

@bhadra - hehe :) statistics is actually quite a useful tool..But many ppl like me dont quite get a hang of it :)

@anurag -- in ATK, u'll have to use some of these I believe :)

@vinay - this in NITC mallu terms is called 'overaakkal' :D or exaggerate to a high level :) .

Unknown said...

All path-breaking ideas sound like "overaakkal" only. Just keep watching..