Jan 26, 2008

Trouble with a name

I'm in an interesting situation... Few years back during my schooling , I came across a guy 'X' who played certain pranks on me..The pranks were not that serious , but sort of irritating enough for me to remember this guy even now... Much later I came across another guy 'Y', who really made some trouble in my life/career at-least indirectly.. And I was seriously irritated with him then.. Whether the changes that I made to get away from 'Y' was good or bad is another debatable thing.. But whatever, the connection between 'X' and 'Y' is that they share the same first name.

Now, I'm increasingly interacting with another guy 'Z' - who shares the same first name.. Rationally there is no reason why I should be hesitant in interacting with him..but as some people say, intuition or gut-feeling is telling me to be extremely careful while dealing with 'Z' ... I'm just wondering .. have any of you been in such a situation ? Isn't it wonderful seeing the way our brain picks up patterns and interprets it..I mean, there is nothing else common between X,Y & Z except for the name.. But still the warning signals come from deep inside ... Got to see how it goes. :)



Anonymous said...

At first, it looked like it was some XYZ problem we had in Inorganic Chemistry in IIT-JEE.

Anonymous said...

yeah ... Ive had one really nasty incident with a certain P, now I steer clear of any one named that, not because I might get into trouble, but because the name reminds me of the person who created all that havoc!

Jina said...

bingo..been ther..gone thru the same..
btw a small request..can u archive ur posts..it such a pain to go till the end n click older posts...

Anurag said...

its called bias dude :D

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak -- I remember :) .. Black colored chemical X reacts to give Y which is red colored..I loved those problems :)

@arpz -- mmm.. it seems i'm not alone.

@ursjina -- Glad to know that people do dig up and read my blog archives :)..Moved it a little bit up

@anurag -- Managerial language :D

Anonymous said...

The only thing I remember of Chemistry practicals in my own high school is ending up with holes in the stockings whenever me & anyone around dropped a potentially dangerous liquid.

As for the name game, I havent had any personal experience but I know what you mean. Maybe you should steer clear of this 'Z' guy. You know what they say about being thrice 'lucky' :P

amna said...

I stayed in the hostel for 3 years, for grad. and i treated hostel like home, which means i DID NOT leave the mug in the bucket and i ate whatever they served (in addition to a lot of stuff from the local bakery!)

Unknown said...

WARNING: serious content ahead. Read only if you are jobless.

Its all in the mind Ajith, not the brain !

Perhaps you were so paranoid after dealing with X, that you started micro-analyzing every move of Y in the background of your experiences with X. Y might have acted in your favour on several occasions, but are you sure you saw them as well ? The same could happen with Z too. So, look at Z with unbiased eyes.
People see what they are WILLING to see !

As for as the "Vinay"s of the world are concerned, don't worry..he's not talking about us ;-)

Flyaway Mind said...

dont come to hasty conclusions dude..it might be just that, incidents relating to x & y still lingers at the back of ur mind & still influences you..z might be just another harmless guy....avoid looking thru those suspicious eyes ;)

Cuckoo said...

Don't come to conclusions based on the names. I once had a classmate who troubled me most and can you guess what her name was ?

Same as mine. :-)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@rinchen -- Yep..Got to see the 'third time lucky' stuff :)

@nags-- Out of context in this blog :)

@vinay -- Nah, i dont think I microanalyzed X/Y .. I did that once the dealings with Y was over.. Yes,I' m seeing Z with an unbiased eye :)

@flyaway mind,cuckoo -- :) It seems quite a few proponents of rationality :) ..Lets see :)

ratheesh said...

ayoo..paavam z...kuzhappam onnum undaavilanee ee thavana...:-)