Jan 15, 2008

NITC Special ==> Lost Symbols ?

Alright , here’s the NITC special post. The usual disclaimers apply.. This might seem extremely irrelevant for all Non-NITC/CREC visitors to my blog.

Date of visit : Jan – 6, 2008

Quite a lot of things have changed since my last visit.. As I remarked in my last post, I was here for attending the wedding reception of my batch-mate, Ibrahim.. The first sight that kind of ignited the old memories…

(1) Mamachan’s Ruins è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167544479834402

They have moved a little bit ahead

(2) The New Mamachan’s location è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167565954670898

After this, I stepped into the campus through the rear gate
(3) This place hasn’t changed much..Isn’t it ?


Buildings everywhere!.. I lost count of the number of hostels that the college has..There
a new PG hostel, old PG modified, F’ ( F-dash , in NITC lingo ) extended to three floors, G ( which was almost complete when I graduated , two new ones behind that ( almost on the verge of completion ) ..Seriously are there this much students in NITC? There is a block each for the CSC & Electronics dept that has come up behind the old dept locations.

(4) http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167626084213074

(5) http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167647559049570

(6) http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167677623820658 – That’s the new CC ( almost behind the basket ball court ).. I peeked into it.. Most were orkutting :-)

I couldn’t go to valley..It seems that’s now off-bounds for students after some ‘incidents’ there :-) .. Basically to get into that entire walled area on the other side of road enclosing staff quarters, LH etc, u need to write ur name with security , take permission and stuff like that.. So, didn’t go there..

(7) http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167699098657154 – That’s our gang who came for the reception

This sight pained me….No..not the basky court.. but behind that.. The FBG is lost !!! Some international library complex is coming up… Not that I was a football player.. but, this was one of the unique symbols in NITC.. The monsoon cup matches..Where do those take place nowadays ? In 12th mile ?

(8) The MB triangular notice board è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167780703035826

I don’t know much about the incident ..May his soul rest in peace..

(9) Ah.. Our department è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167815062774210

(10) ..Finally we sat on front bench è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167832242643410

(11) This I took from Civil dept notice board è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154167896667152898

Basically talks about the list of projects done by some students under’Centre for value Education’ – I wonder if I can read those reports somehow..Sounds interesting ..

(12)In front of old CC è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154168051285975698

That’s closed now..Once that new library complex comes up, I wonder whats going to happen to this building ..

(13) Any idea whats this è http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/photo#5154168154365190882

That’s the new MC , opposite of C-hostel !!!.. And the old MC ?? Here is it è


-- I don’t have much to say. Change is good….but then..I feel the heart and soul of NITC night life is gone L

As I drove back to Calicut, all those memories came…friendships, rivalries, arguments, grief , laughter ..Ah..those 4 years.. Those 4 years from which I learned a lot.. Moments when I felt I had lost everything..Moments when I felt I had conquered everything…Illusions…Sigh!!!

The complete album at http://picasaweb.google.com/ajithprasadb/NITC/



Anonymous said...

Hooray! The Triangular Board is back.

I wonder where it was when I

ancientmariner said...

nostalgic!!.quite a change I must say. I can't even recognise any hostels after F.!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh ... Ajin ... did u hear anything abt him recently. The guy just disappeared last yr!

And thnx for the photos. I am actually ashamed to not have visited the campus for almost two yrs now, though my house is in Clt and I happen to pass by almost every quarter :( Promise to do it ASAP!

Ninja said...

ibramhim got married??!!!
cool!!! didn't know this :)
Please convey my congratulations to him, am completely out of touch!

Pity the college is undergoin so many changes :| 3 floor in f!!! Too bad :-(

Probably in another 3-5 years, it might come to that we don't recognise the entire college itself!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Dude, Get Rid of the ad's on your blog. If you can't do that, work with me on hacking google reader to integrate comment feeds into the post feed, and also on integrating a comment poster from the feeds reader.

2.Nice Pics. (Tell Bineesh to get rid of the growth on his face :P). Basheer still looks the same.

3. Accept the fact dude. Change is inevitable. I guess if you ask folks who passed out in 99-00,then they would have said the same about our batch, that we never experienced the freedom that they used to have. To each batch their own, i would say.

'n yes...hostel lifes are becoming orwellian..but kids will always be full of spirit and have fun :)

Paro said...

was good to read ex-nitc perspective...:)
mamachan has got a more restaurantish look nw...(but used to like d feel f th ol' one ... :) )

too many bldgs coming up in the campus...:(

valley is out of bounds to the guys, but we gals enjoy the privilege of visiting it ny time before 7:) (from the gals' perspective - new rule states that 3rd n 4th years have permission till 10 for acad purposes :) )

all branches have a value education n environmental studies as compulsory subjects...with both having reports and presentations...My Value ed proj was a survey of an orphanage along with offering help to the kids. It was a good experience.

MC is now open to gals as well. One of the better decisions that took place last year. :)

Rahul said...

thanks man! I felt like I had been there myself :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak -- yep..Triangular board is back :)

@ancient mariner -- True..most hostels have been extended.

@sandeep --He's there @ IITK doing M-tech. ..Definitely visit the campus :)

@ninja - yeah...seeing this scale of changes, quite possible.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ sanjiv -- No question of removing ads..its paying me decently :)
And yeah, change is inevitable :)

@anurag -- Yep..that was really sad :(

@paro -- Grrr..Why is this girls guys inequality in case of valley ? This is gender discrimination :) .. Valley should be open atleast for ex-NITC guys :D.. Alumni association zindabad :)

@rahul -- Thanks man :)

ancientmariner said...

I am being slightly off track here. sorry. This is response to sanjiv's comment "on hacking google reader to integrate comment feeds into the post feed, and also on integrating a comment poster from the feeds reader." I'd be interested in that. Any blog/site I can refer to?

Unknown said...

Great going ! I am surprised that audi has remained untouched.

Anonymous said...

The Google Reader integration of posts+comments is no big deal. Ever heard of Yahoo Pipes? It can tweak all kinds of feeds and give a customised feed for you.

Anonymous said...

hey dude.. analyse ur blog using the yslow plugin.. my browser just cries coz of all the diff components on ur page!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what 'incident' cause those people to block off the Valley route. *Sad*

Hooray once again for the Triangular notice board! What a swanky new MC these people got... All I remember is Pravin (the canteen guy) serving us parottas on semi-clean steel plates in the good ol' canteen by the road side!!!

Quest said...

Think nit is changn for good :) Not to mention about the Rs 10Cr convention centre+guest house comn up for the golden jubilee.
Alumni's are expected to contribute generously as said by Paul sir in our farewell function ;)
-- Amit Vijay
2008 Batch EEE

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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