Jan 11, 2008

Economics,Girl Friends & Tata's Nano

I had to post this.. Or rather rediff gave me an opportunity ..See this news

-- Impressed by Tata's One Lakh car, Sanjay Dutt chose that to gift a Tata Nano to his girl friend Manyata.. It also reports that he chose Nano over a 4 Crore car :-).. I wonder what Manyata's reaction was when she heard this 4 Crore - 1 Lakh swap ..Or call it economics of love .. Assuming he had 4 Crore money for this purpose, he can split it and give it to 400 girl-friends, past present and future..

Makes sense..Isn't it ?


Anurag said...

come on man...look at teh gesture n not the monetary value

nano has more intrinsic value

Deepak said...

Intrinsic value in the sense that it is has no impurities added? (a la intrinsic semiconductor)

Deepak said...

Or you can even say intrinsic = undoped. That means all people riding other cars are dopes.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anurag -- If someone is making a gift to me, I don't mind a little bit less of intrinsic value if this is the case :D

@deepak - Let me speak in theory of computation terms and contradict you.

Assume D(x) = ppl who dope..
I(x) = ppl who are intrinsic

Now, ur statement is,
For every x, I(x)=> ~D(x)
Reversing it, D(x) => ~I(x)
But that doesnt mean that ~I(x) implies D(x) ( or ppl who are non-intrinsic are not necessarily dopes ) :D ..Swalpam over-aayi ennu thonnunnu :D

Anonymous said...

I see that theory of computation is nothing but set theory with some weird symbols thrown in to confuse people.

If I say that the relation between Set of intrinsic and set of undoped is reflexive, then all non-intrinsics are all dopes. Sorry I took it for granted.

Anonymous said...

By the power bestowed upon me by -------, I hereby declare the 3 of you as man, wife and mother-in-law. :D

enthu vattaaade?

Anonymous said...

I dislike the Nano (Rs 1 lakh) car immensely. I dont like a car that doesnt have a proper front end. For that reason, I opted for the regular (read: old) Zen over the Zen Estilo.

Intrinsic semiconductor - hahaha - I taught this topic recently. Dopes riding non-Nano cars! I wanted to add more but couldnt think of further much no matter how much I racked my brains.