Dec 26, 2007

The Alchemy Of Wrong Times

When do you realize that you are going through a bad patch ?

-- When you take a wrong turn at a very familiar traffic junction..
-- When you get problems from the least expected sources..
-- When things which you'll normally do within an hour takes you about one day..
-- You blog when you should be sleeping..
-- When everything that u do hit one roadblock or other..
-- When you forget things that you should be remembering
-- When even your cellphone fails ( My motoming is getting switched off automatically
once in a while..any pointers to probable reasons?? )

Suggested solutions by various people

-- Take a beer :-) ..( New yr party coming up :-) )
-- Be professional..Do one task at a time and be focussed on it.. ( I try to do that ..but in the long run, man is not a machine )
-- Assume nothing is wrong..Do things the way you do ( Thats a good one..but things will go on till one thing or other breaks down )
-- Find a girl ( I remember a famous quote which someone forwarded -- " Statistically every average looking girl in b'lore has atleast two boyfriends and 4 other guys who claim to be her boyfriends " ..I don't want to add more chaos :-) )
-- Travel ( Just back from a 4 day break which involved quite a lot of travel )
-- Blog these things ( Yeah..thats what I'm doing )



Deepak said...

Statistically every average...
Hard truth, man....Hard truth.

PS: If any of you ladies reading these are looking for a nice and funny person to date...I'm waving at you. :D :P

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing revolving around in my head. New year's bash. Nothing like a nice party to get you in 'high spirits'. I would like to see anyone disagree.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak -- If u get a date through my blog, you owe me a treat :D ...And if you get multiple dates, you can spare one for me too ;)

@rinchen -- True.. Chillmax with Kingfisher :)

Vinay Murthy said...

Statistically every average...

Is this something like a monotonically increasing function ? The better a girl looks, the more the number of boyfriends she has ?

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@vinay -- Well, I guess if you plot beauty Vs no: of ppl who want to be her boyfriend, u may get a logarithmic plot, with curve flattening as you go up in the beauty scale.. :D . So Yes, statistically it is a monotonically increasing function :)

Anonymous said...

> Statistically every average....

ADIPOLI :-) Nagnamaaya sathyam. Thats why i decided to get married.

Narayanan K said...

:-). True man, there are some days when everything goes wrong, and some days are those when everything goes right.

Talking abt travel, I am spending dec 29 in bangalore, Dec 30 in mangalore , New year in Kochi and back to Hyderabad on 1st. Hows it?

Anonymous said...

Multiple dates :) Good luck. Not that it should be a problem for interesting people like yourselves.

I'm going with rum & coke this time though :P

Anurag said...

u r doing ur mba ur solution 2 does not a "manager" being professional is not doing one task at a time....its multitasking :D

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@umesh -- I think most of us too will end up like that :)

@narayanan -- Even Indian PM might not have such a schedule :D

@rinchen -- Thats called wishful thinking :)

@anurag -- I know..but at certain times I feel it is better to concentrate on one task :)

Anonymous said...

1. I still don't understand how people could like the taste of beer. I have always loved rum, vodka and gin.. the taste rocks..I've been recently introduced to scotch 'n it ain't bad either.

2."Statistically..." excellent quote.

Deepak said...

@sanju: You drink for the taste? THE TASTE??
If you want taste, better go drink some Fruit Punch or Raspberry Juice.