Nov 23, 2007

An Interesting Interview

In this age of social-networking , most of us would have got some survey links from friends who are doing their MBA courses.. Now,there is an interesting thing about these surveys..They are not just random questions. An ideal marketing survey is supposed to give you responses using which you should be able to derive some quantitative stats..There is a lot of thought process that goes into ( or, it is supposed to :) ) this question setting phase..

Leaving out the quantitative/marketing side, whenever one is conducting an interview the set of questions that he/she is asking should be ideal.. Often lot of interviews that come in top-notch magazines convey very little information..Infact an interview can be most useful only if the interviewee & interviewer are well prepared..And today, I came across such an interview . Thats a link in which Rashmi Bansal ( founder -, IIMA alumnus ) interviews an IITB-IIMB alumnus Vibhor Agarwal , who quit his AT Kearney consulting job to take up his family business. The striking thing about this interview is the the set of questions.. Infact, the questions which she asked covered most of the aspects that is relevant to the context. Without that set of questions, I think the interview would have been a total waste.

Good job :)


( PS:- This is my 100th post in this blog :) )

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