Oct 4, 2007

Review Me: Does that work ???

I knew my blog is reasonably popular..But I didnt know that its popular enough for web-masters to get their site reviewed through my blog..Sometime ago I signed up in ReviewMe!, partly out of curiosity , partly because I had some free time.. Yesterday, someone placed an offer through ReviewMe!, to review their site through my blog..And the promised amount is 20$ .. ( which is almost equivalent to 800/- Rs ) .. Just curious about this particular site..Has anyone tried ReviewMe! before ? And do they pay as they promise ? Their payment terms promise that once the total amount that they owe us crosses 25$, they will pay..Now for thats just completing this review and scouting for another review through their site...But still skeptical about their payouts..Anybody had any prior experience with this ? Please comment here or mail me if you had any experience with ReviewMe!. Anyway I'm giving a shot..Will be putting up the site review soon..



S A J Shirazi said...

Go ahead. They pay in time as promised.

Deepak said...

Reviewme is a pretty decent one.. They pay as promised.

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

:) . Gop Ahead ! Enough money for beer :D

Serendipity said...

cool :) sounds interesting

Anurag said...

okie...so someone pays u to review their site
hey refer them to me man...ask them to get a review from me
i will give u a cut...30%
comeon now...its decent man...for a referral :D

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@shirazi , deepak -- Thank you :)

@NC -- Yay ..Thats the spirit :)

@serendipity -- True, especially when 20 $ is involved :)

@anurag -- Are, ye i-banker jaise thinking chodo .. All the review me links that I've given in my post are referral links..U can go there and sign up for one by yourself :)