Oct 16, 2007

NITC - Code of conduct

Couldn't resist posting about this.. Got a mail in NITC alumni group about the 'code of conduct' published recently in NITC..The document link is this

Some quotable quotes from the pdf ..

1. "Students are expected to spend their free time in the Library/Reading Room.
They shall not loiter along the verandahs or crowd in front of the offices or the
Campus roads. Students should refrain from sitting on places such as parapets,
stairs, footpaths etc"

Sitting in Raj-path & "looking around" used to be one of the favorite time pass of NITC'ians (or CREC'ians ) from long time back itself.. I wonder who's going to enforce this.. Are they going to appoint someone who'll chase out the students from Raj-Path in a typical school master style ?

2. "NITC Campus is a “Smoking free Campus”. "
-- I didnt know that :) ..I'm not a smoker, but I really don't find anything wrong in someone smoking within their confines.

3. "Silence shall be maintained in the premises of the Institute "
-- The best way to do this would be to appoint a class leader and ask them to note down the names of students who break the silence and hand it over to the director himself ..God save them :)

4. "Possession or consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other
intoxicating substances are strictly prohibited in the Campus and hostels."
Drugs, yes they should be banned .. Alcohol, I don't think. But then thats a highly subjective opinion.

5. "Politically based students’ and other organizations or outfits are not allowed
in the Campus. Students are strictly prohibited from organizing, attending or
participating in any activity or agitation sponsored by politically based
-- A point which I agree whole-heartedly .. If there is something that still differentiates NITC from other engineering colleges , its the absence of strikes for totally ridiculous reasons.

6. The most funny one .. " The possession, distribution or
exhibition of any item by any means which is per se obscene is prohibited
within the Campus or on any property owned/ managed by the Institute. "

-- For people who don't know the facts : Be it anytime, its very easy to locate a humongous
collection of categorized porn ( by any variety - x, xx, xxx, actors , country , type ...... ) in any engineering college LAN . So, if your son comes and tells you that he hasn't seen any porn movie or part of it in his 4 yrs of engineering college life, there are 3 possibilities

(a) He's lying
(b) Something is wrong either physically or mentally with him
(c) He's trying to be extremely ethical and is likely to be a very big failure in life unless he changes himself . ( this is perhaps the most problematic category )

A Tail-piece

Nobody would succeed in life just by scoring a very high CGPA or by getting a top-notch job..If that is your sole aim in college,you are on an awfully wrong track.. Infact to succeed( or rather survive ) in corporate world itself, you need skills to understand , interact and work with people. I believe my biggest gains from NITC was the ability to interact with different people, different situations, and handle failures.. I wouldn't say I've been extremely successful in that..But those lessons still stays with me.. Life is not all about meritocracy..There is much more to it.

By churning out an academically supernatural, but otherwise dud 'species' , college would be doing much harm to the students than good.



Anonymous said...

This is one of the funniest documents I have ever come across !


mathew said...

I believe that NITC and CET are among the few college in kerala where free thinking and free minds are promoted..Most other colleges are turning the disciplinarian school way..Looking back studying in CET helps a lot non-academically the lessons which you may not get in these private regimental colleges...nice post!!

Serendipity said...

the more something is prohibited, the more sought after it becomes.

Some ofg those rules are worse than my college's itself.

jakethesnake said...

I qualify to be busted on all 6 points :D

Unknown said...

Nobody would succeed in life just by scoring a very high CGPA or by getting a top-notch job

Though you mention "just", I am not sure I quite agree with you. For somebody aspiring to do a PhD from a top university, CGPA, insane amount of mugging, time spent in the lab etc. are perhaps the only things that matter. Everything else is secondary and they dont need the college to help them learn those secondary skills. The role played by a good institute like NITC is to provide diverse avenues that students can use to discover their true potential. Ofcourse, all this has to happen within the boundaries of "professional education". If one wanted to be a fashion designer, I am not sure how studying computer science would help. Wrong place and doing the wrong thing. And you can't yell at the Director if he thought a fashion show was a waste of time.

Key point though, they are a number of ways you can succeed in life, and there's no beaten track to get there. For some, mugging helps, for a few others, a top notch job helps and for some a MBA helps :)

Having said all that, I think these rules are crazy, for most part. Years of administrative experience should have taught the authorities that such rules dont work unless unless a strong enforcement mechanism is in place (as you point out). I think the authorities have more serious issues to worry about than such rules !

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@freebird -- True :)

@mathew -- That was true in our times..Not quite sure how it is now :)

@deepak -- Yup.. Good that we escaped all this :)

@serendipity -- Thats true...Thats precisely the case with booze..
I think all colleges are in good competition for setting up most ridiculous rules

@jakes -- Yo..Thats the spirit

@vinay --Nopes..The point is not alternate career. Even if he wants to do a PhD abroad,don't u think that interpersonal skills helps ? Be it any way of life, u can't survive by restricting urself to a protective cocoon.

Deepak said...

I don't agree with you at all, Vinay.

Ajith mentioned "succeeding in life" and life is not about taking a PhD. You can be the top ranker in college, but you won't be a care in the world if you don't know how to interact with different people and different environments. And we get those skills (for each one to a different degree) only by socializing.

Bullshee said...

Sometimes I wonder whether the profs back at college are mentally retarded!

I don't agree with point 5 at all! Just becoz it makes NIT different from other colleges doesn't make it cool or right! Having to dampen your interest in politics or political organisation or opinion just because you are the student of a certain college is undemocratic!

Suhas Anand said...

jeeesus christ..have they gone bonker s !!!..hahaha....i cant believe anything like this evenbeing posted during my days !!!

Paro said...

hey i never knew about these ... LOL... I mean am a present NITCian and never knew about it... : 0 ... Rules for rules sake... None of them are gonna work out , maybe except for the politics thingy...

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@deepak - Correct..Infact developing interpersonal skills is one of the biggest benefits of a campus based education system.

@bullshee --I'm all for having political debates , views or seminars on anything under the sun..But just because someone got beaten up in Trivandrum/Cochin or some place like that is not the reason to conduct a strike in NITC. Thats the only point I'm concerned with. Infact, SFI/KSU/ABVP thrive on these 'all kerala' strikes. I've had my share of experience with the strikes during pre-degree..And it was too bad..We used to have strikes for some reason or other not known to most of the students.

@suhas -- I know.. I wonder what the reaction of Ayameez gang would have been if this notice had come out during your time :D

@paro - LOL..Its linked from NITC home page :) ..Check that site once in a while ;)

Cuckoo said...

Hee Hee... nice post.
Can't say anything more... very true.

Ha Ha Ha...

Harsh said...

hey, did u get access to the collaborative NITC blog ? And, good writing...:) Plz. do drop in messages to other enthu junta frm ur batch too, who might be interested in writing in tht. blog.

Kandarp said...

Interesting Post.
I know points 1 and 3 are downright stupid, but as far as the others are concerned :
We are talking of an educational institute ( that too undergraduate college - a.k.a for kids! )
Obviously they "have a right" to have strict rules as regards to alcohol, porn etc. It is not a night club after all !

As you rightly observed, I am quite happy with the "political" leanings ban.Hope they manage to enforce it , it will to the college a lot of good.

About socializing....Nobody should want alcohol or a cigarette to help him/her socialize - that's absurd.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@cuckoo -- :)

@harsh - Yep ..I got Will inform others too . :)

@kandy - I'm not seeing that u need alcohol/cigar to socialize..But those and porn are part and parcel of growing up and should be left to a personal choice..Btw, In an internet-infested campus, is it possible to control porn :D ..When we were there, net was not there in hostels..Still the level of porn in the hostel LAN was pretty high. Whats the point in having a rule which u cannot enforce at all :) ?

Deepak said...

@Bullshee: NITC is cool, dude! Period.
Sheesh.. Who's giving you the wrong ideas?

@Kandy: For the records, I was referring to Point 1 when I said "socializing", and not to fag and booze.

Kryptonite said...

LOL!! is this the code of conduct for students of NITC? didn't even know about these...and the Rajpath footpath facing the basketball court still happens to be the best spot to kill time...it will always remain that way...

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think about the code of conduct, pointwise:

1. Oh yeah, spend free time in the last and remotest corner of the library/reading room. That way, you get to neck around in all the privacy you want.
2. We girls never used to smoke in public. No way. That used to be carried out in my room in the LH. First time we tried smoking - coughed like we had TB for centuries. We mainly did it for the risk & daring, hardly the pleasure.
3. What's meant by silence? I remember the very first day of class. We, EEE 97 batch made so much noise that the Principal himself had to come and shout at us. Gave us a big lecture and all.
4. Ah - alcohol. We tried it once in the hostel. Everyone puked like there was no tomorrow. Guess, serves us right for finishing a whole bottle of Shangrila whiskey imported all the way from Sikkim.
5. Politics? Heh. I think I was the first girl to go campaigning for the post of Fine Arts Secy; was pitted against a male senior. Won. Then, didnt do anything worth mentioning at all. Heh. Politics was wasted on me.
6. The porn thing huh. I better shut up now :P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anna -- It seems they have just put it there..Forget comliance,nobody seems to be aware of these :)

@ringchen -- One bottle of shangrila whiskey :P ..It seems u were one prominent rebel in REC - 01 batch :)

Anonymous said...

:D Of the things we used to do back in CREC would make up a very interesting read of a book, I guess.

We had loads of fun. Thats why college is memorable indeed.