Sep 23, 2007

Three Stress busters for Software Engineers

Last week one of my friends was talking to me about the insane levels of stress that the IT professionals go through in their profession...Yes, at times this profession is demanding..and this cubicle life has kind of transformed the friendships and networks that we otherwise build over a glass of beer or a stroll in the park into different domains like Orkut & Facebook, where ppl are more or less doing a kind of virtual interaction.. Ofcourse there are immense benefits for these social networking sites, but then the shift from real life to online life has more or less happened with the Gen-X ..
Now how you handle your wellbeing in this online life ? While drawing up plans for your day-today life, realize that you are a human..not a machine..Because if you plan things like 6 - 9 PM movie, 9 - 10 PM Tech design review or something like that, the probability that you screw up the review is very high..Because at the end of the movie, your mind might not be in a comfortable state to switch to work.. I generally find myself to be more productive in work if I read a few Dilbert comic strips every hour ..And I find myself to be even more productive if I take a look towards the Christ college gate once in a while :) ( My cubicle in office is at a such 'strategic' location that if I turn and look out of window, I can see the 'colorful' crowd at the college entrance :) ) . These 'distractions' tend to refresh your mind to a very high extend..
Here is a list of such 'online distractions' which can give you a good laugh anytime and 'refresh' or de-stress your mind :)

Stress Buster 1:) Dilbert
-- Most of the online folks would definitely be aware of dilbert..But here are some of the less known dilbert 'features' or strips which'll definitely give you a good laugh

(a) Mission Statement Generator

-- Every time you get a company mission statements from your CEO / VP / whoever it is , go to Dilbert Mission statement generator and generate 10 random mission statements..The tool is basically a script which generates random mission statements from a collection of verbs,adverbs, pronouns etc .. And see how closely your company mission statement corresponds to these 'Dilbert mission statements' that is randomly generated :) .. You'll be surprised with the results :)

Some of the random mission statements from Dilbert MSG are
"It is our mission to quickly supply world-class products while promoting personal employee growth"

Our challenge is to quickly build principle-centered technology so that we may endeavor to competently integrate mission-critical solutions while maintaining the highest standards"

We exist to assertively leverage existing corporate solutions as well as to continually initiate diverse content"

It is our business to proactively coordinate inexpensive deliverables while maintaining the highest standards"

We envision to quickly customize professional technology while promoting personal employee growth"

These strike a chord with you :) ???

(b) Dilbert & IIT -- IITians are world class..No doubt about that..Now, read those Dilbert snips where he pokes fun at IIT-grads :).. This is why Scott Adams is the best cartoonist around.

Stress Buster 2) -- Ouch My Toe
This is a good site for all guys who are trying to understand the fairer sex..And the other way too for girls who think about why these guys act like this :-) ..This has got enough articles than can hook you to this site for ages.. So, read in moderation :-) .. And he has taken pains to consolidate those into PDFs for folks who would like to print it and keep for reference :) ..A good link for bachelors. :)

Stress Buster 3) -- CNN Wild wacky World
They have an ingenuous ability to dig up all the crazy stuff happening around the world..And most of them are hilarious too.. Some might be objectionable , but all are good source for a good laugh atleast :)

--- So, have a good laugh , de-stress yourself and enjoy your life :)



AJ said...

Thanks buddy for that ouchmytoe link - its too good :-)

ancientmariner said...

great links buddy...

arpana said...

hmmm, nice.

Dilbert is a lifeline for the cubicle workers I guess. I never begin my day without reading the dilbert blog and the daily dilbert strip. I also have a couple of websites bookmarked (one of them being garfield too) which come up as soon as I think im stressed :D

Anurag said...

good good
now i will keep going thru these sites u mentioned...thanks thanks :D

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ jerome -- thanks da :)

@ancient mariner -- Does this name has any connection with Earnest Hemingway's 'Old man at the sea' ? -- Thanks anyways :)

@arpana -- he he..Thats good...yeah, garfield is also interesting at times :)

@dutta -- ha ha :) Will be useful :)

Serendipity said...

NIce links. By the way do u look outside the window just once in a while or ahem ahem all the time ;)

Ouchmytoe is damn funny

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@serendipity -- shhh..Confidential information :D

Dimple said...

Thanks a ton for these links..

Anonymous said...

All in all, I liked your blog and the subjects. But ouchmytoe ... ? ... you call it stressbusting? Somehow didn't gel well with your blog.